Jilian Mold To Bring You Quality Pet Preform

For a good Pet Preform mold, it means that we can produce good preforms of the same quality. The pet preform mold can be fully automated and the production efficiency is high. For a good preform, first of all, when pushing the preform off, there should be sound; when we open the preform to a certain position, it can open itself quickly, which requires butterfly design and raw materials suitable for preforms; When the preform is closed with the bottle, it must be waterproof.

After we know the demand for good preforms, we can make pet preform molds accordingly. First, flip the mold design, the important thing is the injection gate position selection, cooling system design and ejection structure design. After the mold design is complete, our engineers will meet to discuss mold movements to improve the mold structure.

Second, flip the mold, we use stainless steel as the core and cavity, which requires two machining. Regardless of the matching function or the butterfly function, the machining accuracy is very demanding. In particular, the butterfly thickness will determine the closure and opening of the preform.

Third, the testing and production of pet preform molds. For this type of mold, machine setup experience is very important, including injection speed and pressure settings. When we consider all the factors, we can get high quality pet preform molds.

If you have any questions about preform molding, please feel free to contact me. We can provide you with the perfect solution for pet moulds. Jilian Plastics produces high quality and reliable China Pet Bottle products. I believe that we will never let you down.