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A PET bottle is a plastic material called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or PET, which is a combination of Terephthalic acid and Ethylene glycol. The resulting polymer. PET plastics are light in weight, high in transparency, resistant to impact and easy to break. They also block carbon dioxide gas and keep the soda in qi.

Pet Preform have strong applicability and are widely used in daily necessities, daily packaging and other fields. From mold processing to machine equipment, it is extremely critical, easy to get started, and difficult to do. Due to its light weight and good preservation, the technical trend of stress-relieving functions such as heat resistance and pressure resistance makes PET bottles the mainstay of today’s beverage packaging. Many beverages that require high-temperature bacteria to be filled, such as flavored water, juice, dairy products, beverages, sports drinks, etc., have also been packaged in PET bottles. PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for beverage products. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials in today’s environmental protection. It has the functions of heat resistance and pressure resistance, and has recently replaced various PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become the packaging with the most growth potential.

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