Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Experience

Pet Preform are very widely used in our lives, but since they are often used for food when they are used, we should pay attention to its correct and safe use.

First of all, we must choose a transparent PET bottle with good quality. It must have non-toxic and harmless requirements, and some bottles will contain some chemical monomers, which are not suitable for long-term storage of wine and vinegar. Will produce some substances that are not good for the human body. Therefore, when we drink beverages or red wine in the future, we should not choose transparent PET bottles as much as possible. Even if we want to buy transparent PET bottles, we should also pay attention to drinking precautions.

In addition, it should be used according to its different materials. If some materials are not suitable for high temperature, they should not be heated during use, otherwise our health will be affected.

Welcome to choose the China Pet Bottle of Jilian Plastics. We have many years of experience in the market, and we can fully meet your needs and provide you with customized services, so please contact us.

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