How To Design The Pet Preform Mold

Pet Preform are something we often see in our life. Let the blow-molded PET product factory tell us how to improve the quality of blow-molded pet bottle preforms.
First of all, the mold design should be reasonable and the best structural scheme should be selected as much as possible for manufacturing. Designers should fully consider the technical requirements of the mold and the feasibility and manufacturability of its structural design.  The design of the mould is the key link to improve the overall quality of the mould, which requires us to consider all aspects of influencing factors.  It mainly includes the selection of mold materials, the availability and safety of mold structures, the processing performance of mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance.
At the stage of mold structure design, we should try our best to design the mold to be compact and easy to operate, and at the same time ensure that the mold parts have sufficient rigidity and strength.
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