The Trend Of Lightweight China Pet Bottle

For many years, Jilian Plastics has made considerable efforts in the design and development of pet preforms to make Pet Preform lighter as much as possible without affecting their performance and processability.

Over time, the task of pet preform development is more challenging: we are doing everything we can to achieve the goal of reducing weight.

The injection compression technology of Jilian mold is the last important step to make the bottom, bottle and shoulder of PET preforms thinner – thus perfecting the bottleneck.

The bottleneck is the thickest part of the bottle wall, so on the surface, it is very potential to reduce the bottle weight. However, after in-depth research, it was discovered that the reality is not so simple. Designing a lightweight bottleneck requires a detailed study of the path of the product throughout the process chain. Designing a lighter bottleneck requires a mold that involves pet preforms and a complete solution without damage handling, filling and sealing.

The entire Chinese pet bottle industry has seen the demand for lightweight products. Jilian Plastic has many years of experience in the production of China Pet Bottle. Choose us to bring you satisfactory service and high quality and reliable products.

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