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Hot runner Pet Bottle Mould
Hot runner molds consist of two broad categories: internal and external heating systems. External heating systems are more suitable for polymers because they are susceptible to thermal forms. On the other hand, the internal heating system promotes better flow control. These types of plastic molds consist of two plates that are heated using a manifold system that drives the dissolved plastic to the nozzle. These nozzles fill the part cavity. Unlike cold runner molds, hot runner molds completely remove runners, so they have no effect during cycle times.
Insulated runners are an improvement to this system. The insulation keeps the plastic in a molten state, not heat. It can only accept small amounts of plastic, especially semi-crystalline polymers, because of its low thermal conductivity.
Eradicate runners and possible waste
Can accommodate larger parts
Can speed up cycle time
No robots are needed to eliminate runners
Hard to change color
Production can be expensive
Possible downtime
Higher maintenance costs
Thermally sensitive materials are not suitable
A professional china pet preform manufacturers, Jilian Mold can help you determine the right injection molding system for your project. They should be fully aware of all types of plastic processing. They can also help you find used plastic molds or used injection molds, or they can give you advice if they are cost effective.

How To Choose A Custom Pet Preform Manufacturers

Here are some things you should know as a custom Pet Bottle Preform that product developers should know. Are you looking for a cost-effective way? The process that doesn’t force you to spend a lot of money on producing a lot of parts is custom injection molding. However, if you are considering return on investment (ROI), which process you decide to use to make a large number of parts should depend on this, as the purchase of plastic injection molds involves an initial investment. Here are some other things you should know about custom injection molding.
Think about the number of parts you need to produce each year. Will your needs reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? If so, then this process is not for you. Look for other programs, such as polymer casting, manufacturing, or vacuum/thermoforming (but your final decision will depend on the geometry of the part or part).
If you believe that the number of parts you produce will make your initial investment in custom plastic injection molds (even old plastic injection molds) worthwhile, you must also consider the shape of the part when choosing which molding process to use. .
If you don’t know or want to know more about the different thinking processes and the shapes or geometries that fit them, continue reading the following:
Custom Injection Molding – The wall thickness of the part is relatively constant (but generally no more than 1 / 8″). There is no internal void.
Rotational Molding – This method is used to produce larger or larger parts with empty spaces (or so-called internal voids) inside. Rotational molding is a slow and efficient process of making small, large parts for the manufacture of waste bins, gas canisters, tanks, hulls and other items.
Blow Molding – To help you understand blow molding, imagine a balloon swinging in a cavity. It is injected into the air and eventually forms the shape of the cavity. This process is used to make bottles, insulating glass, kettles and other things. It can be small, but there is an empty space inside.
Vacuum (hot) forming – this is somewhat similar to custom or plastic injection molding. It takes advantage of a piece of heated plastic and then vacuums it to form a shape that is then cooled to produce the shape you want. It is used for packaging trays, lids, clamshells and other such as instrument panels, plastic trays and refrigerator liners.
The information provided above will give you an idea of ​​using the best molding process. No matter which method you think you need, it’s always important to start with calculations, especially because you want to know the return on investment so you can determine which method is best for your budget and pet preform manufacturers. As a product developer, you should consider a schedule of up to two to three years before recouping funds for custom injection molding.

China Pet Bottle Manufacturers For Your Convenience

When a company decided to move to a plastic injection molding machine, this was not a small task. Companies that need tool repositioning or Pet Preform Mould transfer are often cautious about this process for several reasons. Some companies are trying to avoid this situation altogether, and even choose to build a new tool in the same factory instead of shipping it to a new factory. With the right processes and safeguards, tool transfer is a completely viable option.
When the tool is repositioned
Moldmakers are often required to perform “die takeovers” or tool transfers. Essentially, this process is when you transfer the mold to the mold factory for inspection and injection mold testing, so you can get your project and production capacity back on track.
Communication is the key to transfer
Mold transfer requires planning, communication, and investment in advance to achieve project goals and expectations. Injection molding machines must fully understand the ultimate goal. The required information and actions did not leave any space beyond the full cooperation and disclosure of both parties. Choosing a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer can provide more convenience and convenience for your mold design and manufacturing.

Equipment To Adapt To Pet Bottle Preform Bottle Type Change

Domestic automatic pet blowing machine have long relied on high prices, and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry basically rewrite the original hand-blowing bottles in history.
Hollow Blow Molding Machine is widely used in milk beverages, cold drinks, medicine and health care products, cosmetics and other industries. However, for a long time, there is only a simple production of manual clamping devices in China. Most SMEs are manually clamped in the original blow molding machine. Blowing machines, molds and bottles require a large number of skilled workers, with high cost, low output and low qualification rate. Some large companies have spent a sum of money on imported injection molding machines. The molds are expensive, and they are generally used for mass production and less replacement products. They cannot meet the current domestic demand for bottle size changes.
The fully automatic PET bottle machine has Chinese characteristics. It combines electric, pneumatic and mechanical transmission, and has the characteristics of advanced performance, simple and practical, simple operation and low cost. The first user automatically rotates the plastic bottle. In the past, the manual clamping device produced a bottle of 100 ml “pops” as an example. One machine has only one ordinary operator, which is reduced by 4 people; class production It reached 23,000 people, an increase of 13,000; more than 98% of qualified products. In addition, there have been significant changes in raw material savings, customer satisfaction, employee labor intensity, and weight deviation, and the overall economic benefits have doubled in the past.
Experts in the industry believe that the development of automatic PET bottle machine has been successful and has achieved large-scale production. This is a new breakthrough in domestic packaging machinery and equipment in recent years. The unit price of this equipment is only 1 / 20 of imported equipment, and also It is suitable for the change of bottle type of Pet Bottle Preform, which is conducive to the popularization of domestic packaging and blowing the bottle into mechanized production as soon as possible.

China Pet Bottle Is Correctly Manufactured

Polypropylene and prototype
Polyethylene pipes of different diameters are equally effective for prototyping, which may not be surprising, a material with so many uses, such as polypropylene. Before we discuss the “why” and “how” of the polypropylene prototype, let us review the purpose of the Pet Preform Mould prototype (and should) serve. Keep in mind that different prototypes and materials can perform different functions, so not every prototype iteration needs to satisfy all of the following factors.
Functional testing: Be prototyping to make sure your product works as it should. For example, if there are moving parts, they should move in the right way (rather than break or separate). As a sturdy, flexible material, polypropylene can be used to approximate the properties of other solid materials, giving you a good understanding of the normal function of the finished product.
Form and suitability testing: If your product is a component that will be used in other applications, you need to make sure that it interacts with other components and parts in the right way, and that it fits correctly into one component ( If applicable). Polypropylene has a relatively standard 2% shrinkage factor, so if you have different materials, be sure to take this into account. It should also be noted that polypropylene is not suitable for painting or dyeing (due to its low friction or “stickiness” down to the molecular level), so if the finished part needs to be painted, the polypropylene prototype will not be suitable for testing in this respect. .
Aesthetic test: On the other hand, if your product does not require painting (you think polypropylene is a production material), an aesthetic polypropylene prototype can give you a good idea of ​​whether your part will look like it should. (If this is an important consideration).
Manufacturability test: Can your China Pet Bottle product be manufactured correctly? This is a key issue and one of the most important questions that the prototype can answer. Taking steps to prevent manufacturing defects or defective parts is a critical use of the prototype.

Pet Blowing Machine Must Ensure Good Mechanical Parts

1 Pet Bottle Preform mold must be cleaned and polished regularly.
2 Open the source under the pressure switch must be slow to prevent the air flow from blowing dust into the solenoid valve too quickly, and open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure the air is clean.
3 Plastic blow molding machines must ensure that the mechanical parts are good, there is no one inside the machine, no foreign objects. Especially the handle position to avoid injury. Also close the security door.
4 Start the machine must start the motor, delay the heating machine for 30 seconds to prevent voltage jitter. Before starting heating, you must ensure that the cooling water is not turned on.
5 15 minutes after the start of heating (2 – 3 minutes), when the temperature of the oven rises evenly, press the button in the embryo. At the same time, open the bottle’s power, or do not blow the bottle.
6 Plastic blow molding machines must pay close attention to whether the machine will run with the same noise to achieve early detection and stop early settlement in time.
7 In an emergency, press the emergency stop button and press the brake. Then find a quick solution to the problem based on an analysis of the cause of the site.
8 After normal operation, the body of any part of the machine should not be placed in the machine, so the robot will not hurt people. If the machine has an abnormal sound, you can slow down after watching.
9 After normal consumption, the operator should always observe the quality of the bottle to avoid shaking voltage or other reasons that affect the quality of the bottle.
10 During maintenance, press the service button to ensure the safety of the repair according to the defects on the touch screen. If you need to observe the movement of each mode by hand, please pay attention to the position of the robot. At the same time, it is important to understand the role of the button separately and then put it into action. Make sure the error is caused by unnecessary trouble.
11 After each pet blowing machine repair, you must ensure that tools and screws are cleaned to prevent the machine from remaining and affecting the normal operation of the machine.

Personalized Development Of Pet Preform Mould

The diversity of Pet Preform Mould in terms of styling and packaging personalization has been developed
In many of the slower-growing consumer markets in Europe and North America, as well as in the fast-growing packaging markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, PET typically outperforms other packaging materials because of its flexibility in form and size, especially In terms of beverages, compared to major competitors such as beverage cans, glass bottles and liquid cartons. The re-degradability of PET bottles for mobile convenience remains a relevant advantage in food and beverage applications.
Changing the package size, packaging design and its label is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly important tool in the brand’s armory, and it is also evident in the brand packaging release. These efforts are for innovative and more personal communication with consumers, as demonstrated by many brand events. In recent years, Coca-Cola’s “Share Coke” campaign is undoubtedly a pivotal example of the brand’s attempt to increase consumer engagement by placing the customer’s name on the package and taking a more personal approach. Thanks to the newly designed bottles and cans, the campaign was successful because it successfully addressed the decline in carbonate consumption and achieved positive growth returns. In the United Kingdom, for example, Coca-Cola’s carbonic acid sales fell by 1% in 2012. After the design was released in 2013, sales increased by 2%. This is undoubtedly a question worth considering in the growing consumer health awareness and the massive competition for today’s healthy beverage alternatives.
Since the “Shared Coke” campaign, other brands have communicated with consumers in a personalized way, including Nutella (Ferro’s chocolate and hazelnut sauce) and jars with personalized labels for a delightful birthday, Christmas Even Valentine’s Day gifts, while Evian’s PET bottled water is launched every day of the week, from lundi to vendredi. These releases should not be seen as gimmicks and fun designed just to appeal to consumers and attract their attention. While these packaging designs are interesting, more importantly, they are also a symbol of today’s ever-changing brand packaging communications, indicating that successful interactions between consumers and brands can also lead to significant growth in brand revenue.
We look forward to seeing more of this development, experiencing brand packaging design to accommodate the more mobile, mobile and connected society in our lives, and the fierce competition between brands. In the digital interconnected young consumers, success may be even more obvious. For the China Pet Bottle packaging industry, whether it is packaging, labeling, sealing or machinery suppliers, brands that seek this design change and more frequent changes need to have greater flexibility in working with packaging suppliers.

China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Save You Money

For unfamiliar people, the Pet Preform Mould is plastic. But you may already know that there are thousands of plastics to choose from. These varieties are available in a variety of prices. So, for common grades, you can end up paying a lower price per pound, and for highly engineered varieties, you can pay a higher price per pound.
It is easy to see that assuming the wrong grade of plastic will destroy the chances of accurate plastic injection molding estimates. If you are not sure, discuss it with the mold shop. They can make suggestions to avoid over-engineering and wasting money.
How many parts will you produce?
You should be able to estimate how many parts you need each year. When tools and mold shops refer to your mold, two factors will have a significant impact on price: what material will be used to make the mold, and how many cavities will be embedded in the mold. If your annual production is high, your injection mold costs will be higher, as more cavities and hardened tool steel molds will cost more. But with extra cavities, your price will be lower and your tool steel mold will have a longer life.
Auxiliary operation list (if any)
You should inform the China Pet Bottle manufacturer of your choice of any required secondary operations. Depending on what these operations require, the store may be able to complete them and save you money and inconveniences elsewhere. Assembly and packaging are examples of secondary operations that many stores are willing to undertake. Again, you can reduce the cost per piece by saving on processing costs. Be sure to include these auxiliary actions in your quote request.

Pet Preform Mould Material Selection

There are a variety of plastics available for the design and manufacture of Pet Preform Mould. How to choose the product that best suits your needs? Here are some general plastic information for reference.
Description: This low-cost engineering plastic provides excellent mechanical and surface strength for parts that are widely used in high-impact applications.
Performance: One of the popular rapid prototyping materials in China, easy to cut, thermal stability and dimensional stability. It can also be painted and glued to increase versatility, and large, complex parts with undercuts can be easily fabricated and glued in sections.
Topcoats available: machine topcoat, smooth topcoat, sandblasted, polished topcoat, painted or grey primer, electroplated.
Disadvantages: Not applicable to petroleum base oils, paints and solvents. Moderate heat resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance, weather resistance. It is easy to scratch. Flammable, producing a lot of smoke.
Personal computer
Description: Unfilled polycarbonate (PC) is a tough, durable, transparent engineering thermoplastic known for its high impact, temperature and optical properties.
Performance: high impact resistance, good dimensional stability, excellent strength retention at high temperatures, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good dimensional stability. Good electrical insulator with heat and flame retardant properties.
Available finishes: machine finish, smooth finish, sandblasted, mirror polished, steam polished, translucent finish (fog looks like a lampshade), painted or grey primer.
Weakness: It is easy to crack due to pressure, moderate chemical resistance and low scratch resistance.
Description: Also known as PMMA (polymethyl acrylate) is an amorphous thermoplastic with very good optical properties. Acrylic acid is often used as a glass substitute.
Performance: Excellent optical transparency, good wear resistance, excellent environmental stability, good heat resistance, and good chemical resistance. Flammable but low smoke emissions.
Available finishes: machine finishes, smooth finishes, mirror finishes, flame polishes, translucent finishes, painted or shaded finishes
Weakness: Poor impact resistance, prone to stress cracking, not suitable for use with chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons. PMMA is fragile, swells and dissolves in many organic solvents.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a very professional and reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer. We can choose the right materials according to the actual characteristics of your mold to achieve the best results and live up to the expectations of customers.

China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Better Serve Customers

Injection molding of Pet Preform Mould makes the production of a large number of high quality plastic products easy and precise. Raw materials or carefully selected plastic pellets are melted until they become soft enough to be transferred to the mold. The final product is an exact replica of the mold. Once it cools and solidifies, the plastics manufacturer opens the mold and then pushes out the molded plastic. Repeat this wonderful process until you have the required number of products.
Different process
Now let’s familiarize ourselves with the terminology used by some plastic molding companies or custom plastic mold manufacturers.
Clamping refers to the movement of the fixed plate within the injection molding machine, which holds the mold in place by using high pressure.
Injection is the process of transferring molten plastic particles into the barrel of a molding machine by pressure.
Residence is the application of pressure to the molten plastic to ensure that all parts of the cavity or mold are filled.
When the thermoplastic shrinks in the cavity, it cools.
When the moving plate is removed from the fixed plate, it will open, allowing the machine to eject molded plastic.
Spraying occurs when the gas stream, plate or rod helps to remove the hardened plastic from the plastic forming machine.
Magnificent machine
The machine melts the plastic pellets by extreme heat and then injects them into the mold. The machine has a bucket with a huge screw that maintains a constant pressure to heat the material. Because different materials have different melting points, the machine can be precisely controlled. If the temperature is too low, not all materials will melt, and too much heat will reduce the quality of the plastic. Even the weight and time it stays in the machine can affect the quality of the final product.
As the screw rotates, the molten plastic is forced into a deeper portion of the barrel. When an appropriate amount of material has accumulated, the screw pushes it forward into the mold. Once the material forms the mold shape and cools down, it is discharged from the machine. This is how you make your favorite plastic packaging or toy.
As you can see, the whole process is relatively simple, but when you see the results, it’s much more than just simplicity. It can be as complex as a car part, or even as complex as a part of a satellite that rotates on Earth! China Pet Bottle manufacturers are using and improving injection molding technology to better serve our customers.