The Problem Of Producing Pet Bottle Preform

When choosing a one-step and two-step production process for your Pet Bottle Preform small business, you must consider the specifics and requirements of the potential product.

You must also consider factors such as capital costs, availability of preforms, container volume, and technical difficulty.

It must also weigh productivity, product applications, energy consumption, efficiency, machine footprint, and environmental issues.

However, the comparison given above is very illustrative.

For a new PET bottle manufacturer trying to make progress in a crowded industry, the one-step production of PET bottles is a clear way to go.

This will give you more versatility than a two-step production scenario where you will compete with larger players that are better suited for higher yields, fierce competition and lower profit margins.

Therefore, in this guide, assume that your business will use one-step PET bottle production.
One-step method is ideal for extreme bottle design

About the design of new bottles and getting a Pet Bottle Mould

As mentioned earlier, one-step production is ideal for producing non-standard bottle shapes. It also works for low output.

The combination of these two qualities will give your PET bottle manufacturers a degree of versatility and flexibility that allows you to find and serve customers with clearly different product needs.

Catering to such customers of course requires the production of new bottle designs that are entirely dictated by individual specifications.

This will in turn require you to purchase new molds and design the required bottles and preform designs.

Pet Bottle Preform Hot Runner Technology

Hot runner technology has become an important development direction of Pet Bottle Preform injection molding process because of its low waste and short molding cycle. In Western countries, hot runner systems are widely used in the injection molding process. In China’s mold manufacturing industry, hot runner systems are also a trend due to the increase in labor costs and raw materials in China’s injection molding machines.

So how do you choose the right hot runner system to maximize its benefits? There are several aspects to consider when deciding which of the most suitable hot runner systems to use.

Injection pressure
The pressure drop of the hot runner injection system is not negligible. Many hot runner system users have misunderstood that the plastic melt inside the hot runner is always hot, so the hot runner injection pressure drop is much smaller than the cold runner. In fact, in order to meet the needs of hot runner design, the melt flow length in the hot runner system is greatly increased, so the pressure drop of the hot runner injection system is large and cannot be ignored.

In actual cases, due to the large injection pressure drop, many cases occur when the injection is difficult. Therefore, for some plastic resins, such as PC and POM, their melt flow properties are poor, and some require long melt flow length to be completely filled. For large parts, we recommend performing mold flow simulations in advance. The actual design and determination should be based on data output.

One major difference between hot runner systems is the way the melt is heated. The heater in the heating system is mounted directly on the melt channel and the material is heated internally. The external heating system heats the material externally, allowing the material to flow through the flow path without any obstacles. External heating provides a more reasonable melt shear curve.

Gating type
There are many types of injection mold gates available. Factors to consider include: allow for gate mark, gate location, and material type implants. Whether it is an amorphous or crystalline thermoplastic elastomer, having different types of doors is limited to a particular material. Knowing the injection mold gates and materials helps to make the right choice.

Do you want to choose a reliable 5-Gallon Pet Preform supplier? Jilian mold from Huangyan, China is your good choice. We are experts in this field. We are also very mature in the application of hot runner technology. I believe that you will disappoint you if you choose us.

Jilian Plastic Mold Production Custom 5-gallon Pet Preform

China Plastic Parts Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer – Jilian Plastics specializes in the production of 5 gallon pet preforms. Our PET injection molding machines are custom made for PET preforms, 5-Gallon Pet Preform, PET preforms. .
For a 5 gallon preform, a 5 gallon preform mold, 1 cavity, 2 chambers, or 4 chambers should typically be considered for fabrication. For a 1-cavity, 5-gallon pre-formed mold, 380 tons or 500 tons, using a 380-ton injection molding machine, the mold opening stroke is not enough, so the demoulding should be done by hand, or we have a special design for the 5-gallon pet mold, demolded by the robot; The 2-cavity 5-gallon preform mold uses a 500-ton machine; the 4-cavity 5-gallon preform mold requires more than 780 tons of machine.
Why choose Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. to produce PET preforms? We have departments responsible for different plastic mold manufacturing. So here will be a turnkey service for your project.
We have supplied 5 gallon PET preforms, 5 gallon PET preforms, 5 gallon PET preforms to Denmark, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, and Dubai. Our engineers and service teams can help you get started with 5 gallons of PET. Molding manufacturing.
If you have any questions about the 5 gallon PET preform manufacturing machine or the Pet Bottle Preform molding line, please feel free to contact us.

Pet Bottle Mould Hot Runner System To Improve Efficiency

When deciding to incorporate a hot runner system into a Pet Bottle Preform mold, the question is which attributes must be considered? Since there are many independent vendors on the market, the types and choices of systems are often similar to different systems. In this case, let’s look at how to choose the right hot runner system.
Hot runner technology has many options. In order to improve the molding efficiency and the quality of the parts, in some cases the price takes precedence over the application. Here are some of the hot features and vendor support aspects to consider before making a purchasing decision:
1. After sales service
In addition to sales, it is important to ensure that the supplier provides product service, training and start-up assistance. These traces are very important for an effective installation.
2. Product series products
To achieve the best system for molding applications and maximize design flexibility, suppliers must offer a wide range of nozzles, including hot nozzles, valves and edge gates, hot gates, multiple nozzles, and more.
3. Resin testing
Check out a fully equipped resin testing or R&D facility to help OEMs or moldmakers choose the best hot runner system type. In addition, resin flow, channel size, and various other design capabilities should be balanced to produce a thermally balanced hot runner system. In such systems, the flow path is large enough to produce a relatively small pressure drop across the system without causing excessive residence time when casting the injection mold.
4. Easy to maintain
Finally, easy maintenance defines the level of maintenance of the system. Your runner installation decision should answer the following questions:
Can the door in the machine be cleaned?
Is it possible to replace worn parts such as nozzle tips, thermocouples and heating belts without removing the Pet Bottle Mould from the machine?
Can the stem in the valve control system be adjusted or replaced in the molding machine?
All of these tips are useful when installing a hot runner system to enhance the injection molding process. The use of hot runner systems reduces cycle time (easy to maintain), energy and material costs, thereby increasing overall molding efficiency.

Jilian Mold Helps You Build A Pet Bottle Mould Factory

If you are a person who has just started a Pet Bottle Mould line, it will be a bit difficult to find all the equipment you need, because it is not easy to find the equipment one by one, which is very time consuming. Jilian Plastic Mold can provide you with one-stop service to build a pet preform manufacturing factory!
We can tell you the estimated cost of building a PET prefabrication plant for small, medium or large scale. It depends on your budget. However, we will give you the most cost-effective solution! Typically, the equipment required for a PET line includes:
Polyester preform injection molding machine
Polyester pre-formed mold
Auxiliary machines such as autoloaders, color mixing machines, chillers (air coolers), dehumidifying dryers and crushers.
If the injection molding machine is injection weight and tie rod distance and maximum. The mold wall thickness is large enough that you can produce different preforms on the same machine! Just buy more PET preforms. Our factory is capable of supplying PET preforming dies from 4 to 72 chambers.
Jilian mold not only provides you with equipment for manufacturing PET preforms, we also provide you with a good solution! So don’t hesitate any more. If you are upset about your 5-gallon Pet Preform project, let’s take a look at the Jilian mold and believe it will be your best choice.

Purchase Pet Bottle Preform For Turnkey Projects

Take advantage of the purchased Pet Bottle Preform molds and machines as a turnkey project solution. Do you understand the advantages of ordering molds and machines at once?
Buying molds and machines in turnkey engineering solutions makes it easy to handle molds and machines that buy custom turnkey projects.
* Quick delivery of all goods, which also avoids disputes between different suppliers of molds and machines.
* If you buy molds and machines together from a good turnkey project supplier, you can clarify the responsibility of the entire project.
* Quickly respond to your questions because we can respond to you after receiving your email.
* Strong design capabilities and consistency, which is very easy for you to work with molds and machines together in the future.
*Payment service is cheaper, you only need to pay our engineers once, you can get the service for the molds and machines you buy.
* Turnkey projects for molds and machines profit in a short period of time.
* Easy QC control and inspection, because you only come once, it is easy to work with good procurement molds and machine suppliers.
* When you purchase good molds and machines together, we will provide after-sales service in a timely manner.
If you are looking for a 5-Gallon Pet Preform project turnkey manufacturer, please come to us and we will send you the best offer for our good molds and machines.

Jilian Mold 5-Gallon Pet Preform Is Highly Recognized

Jilian Plastic Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 5-Gallon Pet Preform molds in China. As mold equipment and management controls continue to improve, our 5 gallon water bottle molds are highly praised for mold quality and delivery time.
Like ordinary water bottle molds, 5 gallon water bottle molds require a large number of products to meet market demand. This requires a 5 gallon mold, fast cycle times, and good continuous quality. Therefore, in the choice of mold steel, we usually recommend the use of stainless steel and two tools to make mold steel of sufficient hardness. All of our mold processing techniques are prior to high precision molds. During the mold making process, our inspection team will check the mold part tolerances after each step to avoid working again and wasting time. Our molds can interchange each cavity.
If you want to order a 5 gallon bottle mold from us, we recommend that you also provide your cap mold, so that we can check the accessories during the product design process. We also made a 5 gallon cap mold that was demolded twice due to the special internal structure. In order to ensure the customer’s peace of mind, we hope to carry out large-scale production on our side for 2 hours before shipment to test the smooth running of the mold. If the customer also wants to buy other Pet Bottle Preform molds, you are welcome to contact us, Jilian mold can maintain the entire line of production. Please do not hesitate to contact us to purchase a 5 gallon water bottle mold.

Pet Bottle Preform Mold To Prevent Corrosion

  1. The company shall maintain a detailed record of the operation of the Pet Bottle Preformmold, including its use, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage. According to these, which parts are damaged, the degree of wear will be discovered. These will provide information for identifying and solving problems, molding process parameters, and product materials to reduce mold uptime and increase productivity.
    2. When the injection molding machine and mold are in normal operating conditions, the customer should test all the functions of the mold and measure the dimensions of the molded plastic part. This information confirms the presence of the mold and identifies damage to the mold cavity, core, cooling system, and parting surface. Based on the information provided by the plastic parts, the damage status and maintenance of the mold can be judged.
    3. Focus on tracking and detecting important components:
    The function of the push-out and guide parts is to ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the introduction of plastic parts. If any of them are stuck, production will stop. Therefore, the mold ejector and guide post should always be lubricated (choose the most suitable lubricant). Regularly inspect the ram and guide post for deformation and surface damage. Once found, it must be replaced in time. After completing a production cycle, apply professional anti-rust oil to the working surface, moving and guiding parts of the mold. Pay special attention to the protection of the bearing part of the rack and pinion mold and the elastic strength of the spring mold to ensure that it is always in the best working condition. As production time goes by, scale, rust, sludge and algae are easily deposited on the cooling channels, reducing the cross section of the cooling channels, reducing the cooling channels and greatly reducing the heat exchange between the coolant and the mold. This will increase the company’s production costs. Therefore, the cleaning of runners should be brought to the forefront. This is especially important for hot runner molds where maintenance of the heating and control system will prevent production difficulties. At the end of each production cycle, the ribbon heater, strip heater, heating probe, and thermocouple on the mold should be measured with an ohmmeter. If there is any damage, it needs to be replaced in time. Compare with the mold history and make a record so that problems can be discovered and measures taken in time.
    4. Focus on mold surface maintenance. It directly affects the surface quality of the product. The key is to prevent corrosion, so it is important to choose a suitable, high quality, professional rust preventive oil. After the mold production task is completed, the residual injection molding is carefully cleaned according to different plastic selection methods. The residue and other deposits in the mold were cleaned with copper rods, copper wire and a professional mold cleaner and then air dried. Do not use solid objects such as wire and steel rods to clean them to avoid scratching the surface. If rust is caused by corrosive injection, grind and polish with a grinder, apply professional anti-rust oil, and store the mold in a dry place. A cool, dust-free place.
    Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional mold manufacturer. We can provide you with different plastic mold products, such as 5-Gallon Pet Preform, which are relatively large in size and troublesome to make. Please come and contact us!

High-Speed, High-Yield Pet Bottle Preform Manufacturing

Jilian mold can not only provide the best Pet Bottle Preform mold, but also provide you with structural mold service. High speed and high productivity keep our customers in a leading position. We are mold manufacturers, mold suppliers, China mold factories, mold manufacturers, mold companies. We are professionals in the mold.

Mold design is determined by customer requirements such as cycle time, number of employees, injection molding machines, specifications, shrinkage or certain plastic materials. We use high-gloss technology to make molds that meet the requirements of all customers, making the decorative mold surface brighter and stronger.

Reduced cycle time: High-light technology, easy to heat the temperature, making the product easy to shape and enhance product strength, while reducing injection time and increasing productivity.

Good cooling effect: Our designers pay attention to the cooling system and balance the water distribution. This will make the product fast and not easily deformed.

Simple structure: simple structure, easy to maintain, use a heating baffle instead of a foldable system, without losing heat in the core/cavity.

If you are interested in our 5-Gallon Pet Preform mold, please feel free to contact me and I will send you more details.
Welcome to visit our company.

Pet Bottle Preform Before Inquiry

At the beginning, as a mold company, we do not recommend buying Pet Bottle Preform at a low price, because good molds are definitely not sold at low prices. So we are talking about buying molds to buy the right mold for your company?
We need to buy a mold that suits us. Before the inquiry, the buyer should have a good understanding of their own products and production conditions. You should know the output of the product, the weather of the recycled product, the appearance of the product, the size of the machine to be prepared, and the spare parts in the surrounding market. In this way, the mold manufacturer can choose different mold steels, injection types, cavity numbers, measurement standards and other accessories according to the customer’s situation, all of which can help us provide the right mold for the customer.
When we check the mold test, we should pay attention to the mold cooling, noise, each moving part, and ensure that the injection is under normal pressure. It’s best to let the mold maker make the product for you. You can pay for the extra cost to buy the product; this way, we can see if the mold works well and we may find some problems. Even if we find any problems, the molds are still in the factory and they can be improved. This will be much better than the problem you found in the factory.
If you are in need of a 5-Gallon Pet Preform mold purchase or a problem, please come to contact Jilian mold, I believe we can provide you with a perfect solution.