He has designed several

This is why for me Clean Bench Suppliers meticulous workmanship and attention to detail in both the manufacture and finishing have always been paramount’ says Tom Faulkner, the author of great metal and glass furniture collection.In Wiltshire he opened his own workshop in 1993 which is the heart of his business and then created then London showroom in 1999. Either way, his aim has always been to create beauty and elegance using the clean simple lines of metal and glass.

He has designed several different ranges of furniture, some classical and some contemporary. Creating furniture, Tom is inspired by the things he finds beautiful the trunk of an elephant, the wing of a bird, the legs of a woman motivates him as much today as it did ten years ago when he began making furniture. Tom Faulkner specialises in designing unique metal furniture,for instance contemporary coffe tables. Tom is the real artist. The style is not really contemporary and seems to predate traditional antiques by hundreds of years. Everything is finished in the UK, and painted in one of nine different finishes. With his work you get his excitement. Almost all of the furniture designed by Tom is made in his studio by the small team of skilled craftsmen and then everything goes through a rigorous quality control process.

Without unnecessary ornament, beauty comes from the line, the finish, and the detail.

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