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1.2. The website must have sufficient quality content that must be appealing. Web design calls for something broader and greater. Web development must be done in a way that certain things are kept in mind. Hence, website design and web development processes can make or mar your website depending on the professionalism the website development process utilizes. The website design and the presentation of the content must be done in a clear and formatted manner. The website development must encourage visitor movement through the pages of your website with refreshing content, little or no flashes, pop-ups and animations, little registration and clean HTML. Web design aspects when dealt with professionalism require minimum efforts and maximize your results. colors used must be matching and visible.These are the key things to keep in mind before the web design process.Excessive graphics and pop-ups can kill your websiteAdvertising in excess can lead to a deterioration in qualityLack of crawler compatibility can harm your SEOHuge font takes time to adjust with the human eyeTables and tools must be used effectivelyHence, website development process is indispensable and research must be carried out before finalizing the website design and content.

Website design and website development don’t just involve building websites for the client’s or for your business. The graphics must be used judiciously and the loading time must be small at the web development stage. In case you provide links for downloading, the time taken to download must be small and the procedure Clean Bench Suppliers easy. Brower (Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) compatibility is a must for any websiteBullets and numbering blended with animations distract. 4. For a professional website there must be a certain degree of professionalism visible on the web pages. This is because sticking to the basics works best in your favour. Several times the web design can shoot back to the business if it is not taken care of while web development. Only then can your web development strategy create magic. Links on your website must function properly and the web development must be done in a manner that the graphics are clear and a sitemap is provided for easy navigation. The web design must carry contact information and must respond to the visitor queries or feedback efficiently.

This is possible through effective web development and quality website design. Similarly, foreign phrases, heavyweight words, jargons, technical wonders, etc can also kill user interest in your business website. The web design must ensure that the background, font, etc must be identical for all the web pages.There are essential pre-requisites for the web development process in order that your website looks professional and user friendly.3. To be professional in your approach, the website design must be simple and the basics must need to be borne in mind. Web design must be accessible from different browsers and free membership is a must at the promotion stage. The content of the website must be updated regularly and the keywords must produce magical results.

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