Their efforts to prepare for a successful season

Am I going to go out at Albert Park and win my first race with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes? We are certainly going to push hard to try. Its obvious what would be the best reward for all these efforts and it would be even better to receive it already in the first race of the season in Melbourne, as it has happened already three times before. I have always enjoyed street circuits, so it is great to start my career in Formula 1 with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes here. Fernando Alonso arrived in Melbourne last March 12th straight from Europe and the rest of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team members arrived in Australia on Sunday, March 11. This year will be a learning curve for me, Albert Park is one of the seven new tracks Ill be racing on, but it is not a huge problem more an exciting challenge. Before the team arrived in Australia, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes new comer Fernando Alonso along with his team mate Lewis Hamilton went into a pre-season test run and completed more than 13,000 km (8,077 miles) aboard the McLaren Mercedes MP4-22.”

“Their efforts to prepare for a successful season were as exemplary as the work of test and race teams during the 19 test days between 17th January in Valencia and 1st March in Bahrain. I have been working incredibly hard towards this moment over the past few months, testing, physical training, working with the engineers at the McLaren Technology Centre and studying the regulations. The MP4-22 also features McLaren drive shafts and Mercedes clutch disc, one of the race car’s Mercedes clutch parts. I feel I have the experience I need and I definitely feel ready to get out there. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is expected to arrive in Melbourne in the 14th after staying in Gold Coast. During the past six months, the technicians and mechanics for both chassis and engines had clutch disc manufacturers to cope with great challenges. The McLaren Mercedes MP4-22 is equipped with an 8-cylinder Mercedes-Benz FO 108T engine, combined with 7-speed semi-automatic gearbox.”

Taking to the grid Australia is the end of one journey for me and the start of an even bigger one.

Early in January, McLaren Mercedes team left the headquarters in UK and brought their racing infrastructures in Australia. I always enjoy Australia, there is a great atmosphere and I am excited to get out there and see where we are compared to the other teams. There are a lot of new things in the sport this season such as new rules, all teams running on Bridgestone Potenzas, drivers changing teams.

The McLaren Mercedes crew brought three MP4-22’s to Australia that will be used by both drivers, Alonso and Hamilton during the race. Everyone is starting from zero and it is going to make things very interesting. The World Champion of the last two years, Fernando Alonso, is now driving for our team.

Here are what the two McLaren Mercedes drivers have to say:
“Having spent the winter getting to know my new team and new car, I feel really at home and am very motivated to start racing.” he added.As the first race of the 2007 season of Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne is getting closer, the whole Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team is busy doing their last-minute preparation for the tournament. However, prior to the start of the season, new does not mean untried, as the team has tested more intensively than ever before and has completed more test kilometres than before every other season opener so far. I thank all involved for their great commitment. Lewis Hamilton is a very talented young man who as an up-and-coming driver has been an integral part of our system for almost ten years.

Norbert Haug, Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport said:
“At the start of the season in Australia we have a lot of new things to offer. The teams new Title Sponsor Vodafone is a great partner and a global player, which has the same objectives as we

There are thousands of desirable handbags

Before you even consider buying an expensive bag you have to love it. Which one really appeals to you?

How do you want to use the bag? Is it for everyday use or special occasions? Do you like a shoulder bag, tote bag or clutch bag? Should it be big or small? If you’ve got a favourite purse you intend to use put it in to see if it fits. Line up the bags you want and see how they compare to each other. The price of bags rises steadily depending on the designer, bag material, desirability and the size of the bag, the ultimate possibly being the recently launched GBP1 million (US$2 million) platinum bag set with 2,000 diamonds (but if you can afford that you’re probably not reading this guide!)

When thinking about a budget you have to consider any extras you’ll be buying with the bag, namely a purse.) So think carefully about how much you can afford and what you want.
There are thousands of desirable handbags on the market today (plus vintage handbags from specialist shops) and the prices differ wildly so it’s important to set yourself a budget. DKNY Handbags usually come in at under GBP200 (US$400), but you’ll be lucky if you can pick up a purse in Mulberry for that price. A strange combination, you might think, but buying a designer handbag must be both a head and heart decision. It might not be this season’s it bag, but that doesn’t matter if you love it. The Chloe is beautiful and you love the pocket on front but the Mulberry is elegant in it’s simplicity. If you’re budget was only GBP600 then you’ve well and truly blown it (and you can’t expect to have a cheap purse in an expensive bag. It all adds up.

I would recommend a budget of GBP1,000 (US$2,000), but before you decide do a bit of research into your favourite designers and how much their bags cost, and be prepared to adjust this budget accordingly.) Pick up the bags, feel them, look inside them.

The best thing to do when deciding which bag to buy is consider the bags side by side and for this you will need a big designer bag selling department store (this is the fun part. Don’t buy a so-so bag just because it’s in your budget – put your money in a savings account and keep adding to it until you can afford the bag you want.

If you find that none of the bags are calling to you just carry on looking – don’t waste your money if it isn’t the right bag. The Mulberry Mabel costs GBP595 (US$1150) but if you want a purse to go with it at GBP250 (US$500) you’re suddenly looking at a total spend of GBP845 (US$1650). As well as the matching purse you might need a make-up case or even a beautiful Smythson notebook. A well made designer bag will never go out of fashion. Do the same with a book or your make-up bag, whatever you normally carry around (just take brake shoe manufacturers care not to mark the bag in any way.) Does the bag work for you, and how does it compare to other bags?

Now walk away to think about it. Then start saving for the next one.

If you love a bag but it’s out of your budget carry on saving.

You love it and it’s in budget? Go and buy it and love it forever. Doing the research now will save you frustration later when you realise your budget just won’t get you what you want. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.There are many things to take into consideration when buying a designer handbag, but the two most important must be budget and heart-wrenching love

With their extensive global networking

Their 150,000 square feet warehouse is stocked to the hilt. They offer 24X 7 customer service supports ensuring that customer grievances don’t go unaddressed.

They focus on providing customized, individualized and highly personalized service to customers.Hence they offer a variety of parts such as headlights, taillights, bumpers, radiators, clutch, steering, suspension, transmission, fuel delivery, exhaust etc. Also, your credit card information is encrypted to ensure safety, so that no one except them can view it. And the website offers a variety of options from which you can choose the part you are looking for. www. They brake glue offer OEM auto parts, aftermarket car parts and all related aftermarket auto body parts needs, specialty requirements or upgrades and automotive detailing. Click the Buy Now button and then refurbish the next web interface form that appears with your personal details.
. Then select the name of the part you are looking for. If cancellation has to be done after the product has been shipped, then you must get a Return Authorization number from your supplier and further instructions. If your order has not been delivered to you yet, you can check the delivery status to see whether it has been dispatched or not. But if you don’t want spend too much then just log on to www.When your car needs repairing or replacing, what do you do? You go to the nearest auto mechanic shop and get the needful done; this activity is bound to leave a big hole in your pocket.

With their extensive global networking, technical expertise, state of the art remanufacturing processes, quality tested goods, guaranteed delivery, low price guarantee they also offer a 1 year warranty.carbodyparts. If you want to cancel your order which has not been shipped yet, then contact your supplier with your order number and ordering date. They also offer discounted auto body parts, car body parts, truck body parts and accessories from around the world in a variety of styles. Just enter your vehicle model, its make and the year in which it was manufactured. They offer car body parts of companies such as Daewoo, Fiat, Ferrari, Dodge, Eagle, Chevrolet, Austin, Audi, Infiniti, Mazda, Porsche, Renault, Scion, Triumph, Yugo, is a reputed and trusted resource for auto parts and they offer their customers high end satisfaction through extensive networking, reliability and affordability. Another way of doing this is, at the bottom of the home page is a list of parts.

Also placing an order is very easy. Shipping charges are also deducted if product has been Select a part, then enter the vehicle model, its make and the year in which it was manufactured and buy the part. But the most popular and highly in demand parts are car lights, auto lights, truck lights, automotive lighting, headlights & taillights. They provide online shopping of auto body parts. They pride themselves in offering products of good quality, matching precision with exact fit. Here you will come across one of the most trusted, reliable, automotive parts resource in the industry with an ISO9002 certification. If you are not satisfied with your purchase then just return the part within 30 days of your receipt and get a refund, 20% less than the original price

His collections would not be complete without


Between 1996 and 2007, he was made British Fashion Designer of the Year four times which made him brake pad suppliers the youngest designer to receive the award.

Another McQueen creation which had some celebrities going agog over it was his idea to place the skull symbol on a scarf. It was believed that he took his own life after being so grief stricken with the loss of her mother. His training in classic tailoring as a young apprentice of 16 at Savile Row gave him the ability to create perfectly fit womens wear. Lady Gaga even wore one of them in her music video which looked like a lobster claw. He was also the unconventional type who often opposed fashion norms.

McQueen not only created outlandish articles of clothing but he did in fact, had some wearable items that displayed his talent to create suits that are perfect in fit and form. In fact, he stunned everyone when he brought Paralympics athlete Aimee Mullins to model on one of his shows wearing a pair of wooden prosthetics. As usual, McQueen did not simply make shoes but he also turned them into bizarre looking pieces. McQueens clutch bag with skull prints also became a hit. He made pencil skirts and elegant mens suits. For some time, women had to gather some guts in order to wear them.British fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen, gained fame and notoriety for his extreme artistry which had been the hallmark of his collections and fashion shows. He staged elaborate fashion shows with much theatricality that added dramatic and fantastical effects on the catwalk.

On February 11, at the age of 40, he was found dead inside his home in London several days after her mother, Joyce, had passed away.

He also dabbled in make up that led to the unveiling of his own cosmetics range called McQueen which he collaborated with MAC. The bumster had a very low waistband that revealed the cleavages around the hips and buttocks. While there he even made a suit for Prince Charles.

His collections would not be complete without mentioning his extremely high heeled Armadillo shoes. His interest in theatrics had much to do with the vivacity of the color blends of his make up collection. At the peak of his career he was able to establish his own boutiques in New York, London, Los Angeles and Milan. Now that the bumsters or low waist jeans are everywhere, although no longer as revealing as what McQueen had introduced before, it became ultra modern to wear them.

Alexander McQueens collections were outstanding not only for their bold designs but also for the preciseness of their cut and structure. One of his memorable creations, inspired by the builders bum wear he called the bumster pants caused quite a stir everywhere. Many celebrities like Johnny Depp and Cameron Diaz were caught sporting it. His skill in traditional tailoring was highly respected having been trained at Anderson and Sheppard and later at Gieves and hawkes of Savile Row which is known to produce the best British custom made suits

A wide variety of animal types are available

Like Linus, a child can get very irritable or upset if they become separated from their prized blanket, but dont worry, everybody grows out of it eventually. That way, when one begins to get especially dirty, you can clandestinely switch out the offending blanket with a clean version. Today one of the hottest products brake lining roll manufacturers in the baby gift industry is the Lovie. In the meantime, a Lovie or security blanket can be a comforting and adorable gift for a young child. What most people first associate with Linus is the ever-present security blanket that he carried around with him. What on Earth is a Lovie you ask? A Lovie is essentially a stuffed animal with a cute head and arms, which then turns into a blanket somewhere around the mid-section.00 on the low end to $30. A security blanket is traditionally a small blanket or piece of cloth that a child will carry around with them and clutch or stroke. They are a snuggly sleepytime friend for a childs naptime.

. A Lovie basically combines the two popular childrens items, a security blanket, and a stuffed animal, into one irresistible and suddenly wildly popular infant and toddler gift. However, the sophistication and the marketing of infant and childrens security blankets have taken significant leaps forward over the past several years. Then give the dirty one a thorough washing, and store it away until the switch needs to be made once more.00 on the high end.

Todays children are no different. In fact, police and other first responders have been known to carry security blankets or objects such as stuffed animals in their vehicles to give to panicked children at the scene of a traumatic event. One clever solution recommended by a parent online is to purchase two identical Lovies.

A wide variety of animal types are available through various online retailers, including ducks, bunnies, monkeys, elephants, bears, lambs, dogs, and more.

A word of caution though, like the traditional security blanket, children can get heavily attached to their Lovies. The blankets are typically made from very soft cloth, and most retailers offer personalized embroidery to make the Lovies that much more special to the child that receives them. The cost of a Lovie tends to vary anywhere from about $15. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this until months of wear and tear start to make the stuffed animal blanket look like a nasty variation of a mechanics grease rag.Many people remember the character Linus from Charles Schulzs iconic cartoon, Peanuts. Almost every adult can remember an attachment to a certain object growing up, whether it is a blanket, stuffed animal, or something else. The possession of the blanket gives the child a feeling of comfort and security, and helps children cope with anxiety and stressful situations

 Kick the bike once to feel the compression


In order to take the bike for a mock ride you have to follow these rules:

If you are vigilant enough to choose the right model for yourself, you can get several options. Bend the bike side wards and have a good look underneath.
If you do not know enough about the dirt bike parts, take a friend with you who can judge the condition of it. You must also be very particular about your budget. You have to be very cautious about this matter, because, there are plenty of examples of such thefts.

Before buying, you must inspect the bike closely, and ask some relevant questions regarding its previous owners, date of manufacture and other subtle details. Have a feel of the brake disks too.
Through these sites you will be able to know about the exact locality where the auction will take place, and would not have to loiter around much. But that does not mean that the bike itself would be good as it looks. So, if you are willing to enjoy the irresistible excitement in a small cost, then used bikes would be suitable for you. Examine the kick-starter seal, and also check if oil leaks from anywhere.
. If the bike looks a bit overused, and you find the numbers missing or altered, then it could surely be a stolen bike.

The private sellers too can be a good option for buying a second hand dirt bike. Finally, if you are convinced and ready to purchase it, you must take the bike for a mock ride to test its potential. You can get the necessary clutch button information about dirt bikes from the classified pages of the local newspaper and the Internet as well. There are quite a number of websites, which arrange for such online auctions. Initially, you have to decide which dirt bike model you will purchase. Pay attention to the top ends and the timing chain and check if there is any bizarre noise coming out of it.