This organization sets forth rules and guidelines

For the smaller shop or lower production levels, it is important to remember that buying used equipment does not mean a sacrifice in accuracy, precision, ease of maintenance or ease of operation.

This organization sets forth rules and guidelines about selling any used equipment. While the DeVlieg became outmoded by modern large capacity CNC machines, it still remains a great low priced alternative for many production situations. A 1960s era DeVlieg can sell in the $10,000-15,000 range, which is a fraction of what a comparable CNC machine might run.Make sure any seller of used industrial machinery is a member of the MDNA (Machinery dealers national association), which will ensure that all machines are described accurately. AN example would be the DeVlieg Jig Mill.

Buying from an MDNA member will protect the buyer of any used equipment or machining tools. With better, more accurate controls, a push button power draw bar and soft, flaked ways that can be rescraped on the shop floor (rather than sent off to a rebuilder), the DeVlieg is an outmoded, but still extremely accurate machine for many applications.

The DeVlieg can be a great high-accuracy boring mill for operations like: machining the large side frames Embroidery machine parts Wholesalers of a printing press machining the frame of a paper making setup pin holes for a die or mold set fabricating a plastic laminating machine Well maintained DeVliegs can achieve an accuracy of one tenth per foot over large distances. Older, outmoded equipment can even often be upgraded to the latest technology and the most modern standards. While this kind of work is commonly done with CNC boring mills now, that leaves the DeVlieg as an excellent alternative for high quality repair work and low volume production. So, while many machines have gone over to robotics and automated controls, there are still great bargains in older machines.

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