To maximize space again you can load the couch first

Portable On Demand Storage, or PODS, units are a great alternative to renting a moving truck and snookering a bunch of friends to help you load it up and then unload it at your new place all in the same day. With PODS, they deliver the unit to you, you load it up at your convenience, and then they pick the unit back up from you and take it to your new place or they can even store it for you. To make the most of your PODS unit you have to be sure to load it correctly.Here are some tips on how to load your PODS unit:’Use a dust sheet: To help protect your items you should first put down a dust sheet. This can be either a painter’s drop cloth or even an old bed sheet you no longer use. This is an even more important tip to follow if you plan on storing your items for an extended period of time.’

Put fragile items to the side: If you have fragile items to load, put them to the side and load them as you go when an opportune place emerges, being sure to pad up the items as best you can. Wherever the fragile items end up in your PODS unit, be sure they are secure and won’t be able to slosh around when being moved.’Load boxes first: To maximize the space of your PODS unit you should begin by loading up all of your boxes. Start with the heaviest and fullest boxes and place those on the bottom and stack up from there. The lighter the box, the higher on the stack it should go. Try to arrange the boxes so that when the stack is complete you are as close to the ceiling of the PODS unit as possible. Begin at the back of the unit and work your way forward.’Load furniture second: After all of your boxes have been loaded, you can then begin to put in your furniture. Be sure to properly pad up any glass, like the dresser mirror and try to place it in-between two objects that won’t be moving around while being transported.

To maximize space again you can load the couch first, and then flip any chairs upside down on top of the couch. Whenever possible stack items so long as they are stable.’Load everything else last: Load all of your other belongings last. If you have objects that will fit into a void left by the boxes or furniture make sure that the item will be secure when doing so. Keep all sharp items like lawn equipment towards the front so it is the first thing you unload. This way you will be expecting the Plastic Boxes Manufacturers sharp objects and won’t get caught off guard and cut.’Consider another dust sheet: This is mainly if you plan on storing your items for a prolonged period of time. If this is the case, then you can cover you items with a dust sheet from the top this time to help keep dust and dirt off of them.Remember when loading up your PODS unit to be careful and lift with your legs and not your back. If something is too heavy, don’t be a hero, get someone to help you. A PODS unit that is loaded properly is one that is loaded safely.

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