These are the sort of things that must be considered

When it comes to packaging, there’s always a delicate trade off between protecting the items being posted and the cost of achieving this. Under-package goods and they’ll be damaged in transit; over package them and you’ll be jeopardising your profits every time an order goes out. Either way, you’ll be incurring cost unnecessarily. That’s where, from cardboard boxes to carrier bags, an experienced packaging supplier can help you find the perfect balance – and help you protect your profits. Let’s consider a selection of packaging types and see what this means in practice. Cardboard boxes Because of the widely differing costs of box making materials and printing, the potential for over- or under-specification of corrugated or boxboard packing boxes is enormous. An experienced supplier will be aware of this and wholesale Leather Boxes will take time to understand exactly what your packaging has to achieve.

Around the corner or around the world? Into an industrial warehouse or onto the shelves of a luxury store? These are the sort of things that must be considered. Only when your needs have been exhaustively researched can the supplier specify the perfect solution for your needs – in terms of both protection and cost Bubble wrap As anyone who has ever idly popped the bubbles on bubble wrap will know, there’s a great range of bubble-sizes and sheet thicknesses (as well as biodegradable and anti-static options too). An experienced bubble wrap specialist will know why certain grades of wrap work best with certain types of product. Make the right decision and you may be able to dispense with an expensive outer protection – but only your packaging supplier will be able to help you make that decision. Shipping boxes A shipping container is never ‘just a box’. It may be a vari-depth box, an export box, a bottle box, a postal box or one of dozens of different-sized shipping boxes available from leading packaging suppliers.

Boxes are more than just another FEFCO code: they’re what determines the safe arrival of business or lifestyle products. Whether fortunes or lives are on the line, the balance betwee cost and protection has to be perfect. Labels & Branding Don’t skimp on address labels and other details Attention to the little details is another area where the best packaging suppliers differentiate themselves from the also-rans. And so it is when it comes to advising on the best packaging for your needs. What’s the point of perfect packaging if it is let down by poor quality address labels that become detached in transit or which don’t communicate your brand properly? An experienced packaging supplier will be able to find a cost-effective way to make sure that those important little details are never overlooked. So what should you look for when selecting the perfect supplier for your cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging? Modern facilities and systems, and a wide range of products and services are essential. So too are excellent working relationships with leading protective wrapping and packaging manufacturers. But there’s something else too: their people and their promise to finding you the optimum combination of cost and protection. Without that, the rest is meaningless.

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