Both Elizabeth and Richard are equally passionate aboutWiinblad’s work

They are passionate collectors of the works of Danishdesigner, BjornWiinblad (1918-2006). Bjorn is known as the ‘designer’s designer’. His workis diverse and encompasses studio art pottery, glass, silver, posters andcostume design. He was the Rosenthal Porcelain company’s chief designer for 35years and his work has been exhibited worldwide including in London’s Victoriaand Albert Museum and New York’s Museum of Modern Art.


Both Elizabeth and Richard are equally passionate aboutWiinblad’s work, but in the beginning Elizabeth was the collector. They startedcollecting five years ago through a Danish contact and now they have more than150 items in their collection.


Elizabeth and Richard’s collection is throughout theirhouse; it’s something they love to see every day. Elizabeth says the beauty of BjornWiinblad Wall Plate ‘s work is that you can buy a lovely little piececheaply or you can spend a great deal of money on his large statues. Elizabethand Richard will keep on collecting because they say, “There is alwayssomething out¬†Electrostatic fabric filter¬†there that you haven’t seen before and of course you really feellike you’d like to have it”.


Since the 1950s, Rosenthal studio-line has led the industryin modern, avant-garde design. Internationally renowned designers and artistssuch as Walter Gropius, Timo Sarpaneva, Tapio Wirkkala, Mario Bellini and BjornWiinblad have all contributed to building Rosenthal’s brand name. Recentcollaborations with designers Jasper Morrison and Platt and Young have led tomany new product innovations. For example, Rosenthal secured the worldwidelicense for reproductions of Andy Warhol’s works and designs in crystal andceramics.



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