The durability and toughness of Colorbond roofing materials

high strength fastener In Australia, Colorbond steel roofing is a proven, durable and versatile roofing material that is used in many types of buildings including homes, offices and industrial buildings of all sizes. In fact Colorbond can also be used for gutters, fascias and downpipes as well as walling and insulated panels.

Colorbond metal roofing, manufactured by BlueScope Steel, is based on Zincalume steel which has a zinc and aluminium coating to provide anti-corrosion protection. A polyester primer is then baked onto the surface and a final top coat applied in the form of a tough, exterior paint. Colorbond paint is well known for the wide range of colours on offer. The standard range of colours comprises of 20 different colours including greys, blues and greens.

The durability and toughness of Colorbond roofing materials makes it a popular choice in both urban and rural areas of Queensland. In particular, corrugated metal roofing is a common sight on homes and residences in the Brisbane area. Of course, it is not only roofing you will see but Colorbond guttering, fencing and wall panels are also popular.
When looking for roofing specialists to install a steel roof on a new building or for a metal re-roofing project for an older building, there are some things you should always check.

In the first place, ensure the company you are choosing has the correct Australian certificates and licences to carry out the work. This includes licensing by the Queensland Building Services Authority, insurance for public liability, working at heights and asbestos removal. This will ensure that you, as the customer, will not be liable for any unforeseen insurance related issues that may arise. Cutting corners with under insured contractors is a big risk not worth taking.

Next, do not be shy about asking for references from other customers of the roofing contractor. Some areas to find out about include professionalism of staff, technical knowledge, progress reporting and quality of finish. You will want to understand how well the company communicates with their customers, how do they deal with issues when problems arise (and they always do!) and how they take responsibility and solve these problems? This is particularly important if the company has to remove asbestos from a roof.

Find out if the roofing company uses sub-contractors on their jobs. Many firms do use sub-contractors and this can cause problems ensuring the quality of work is completed to a consistently high standard. Different sub-contractors have different ways of doing things and this can cause problems down the line if repairs are required to mend a sub-contractor’s work. However, if the roofing company only has full time staff on its books, then they can more easily establish their own standards for roofing and re-roofing buildings. This in turn provides their customers with the highest quality of service.

precision fastener In summary, using Colorbond for corrugated metal roofing is a popular choice in Australia. There are many roofing companies that can offer the service to install a Colorbond roof but you need to check further to find out if the company is properly accredited and insured, has satisfied customers and is able to deliver consistent and high quality work.

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