Cricket is a game of bat & ball which has got recognition across the world

Cricket is a game of bat & ball which has got recognition across the world. There are many chances for the players to get injured while playing but in modern time protective gear has introduced to short out this problem. Protective gear reduces the chance of injuries and prevents the cricketers from harm. A solid ball with high speed can welding machine manufacturers do great harm to disposed portions of the human body.
The first and most important thing for any cricketer is to put on as many protective gears as possible. There are a huge range of protective gears presented in market, so you can easily buy them at any point of time. Protective equipments like helmet, arm guard, chest protector, thigh guards, abguards, and others cricket accessories like batting gloves, leg guards and attires are very important for all cricketers. However, just wearing many protective gears are not enough until and unless they provide a quality protection.
Helmet is essential protective equipment and bats man as well as close-in fielders must put on helmets. It is said that if you have misplaced all the other accessories except helmet then also you are on safer side because helmet is efficient and much better to save the major part of your body that is called head including face.
When you are going to buy helmet then check it properly and buy the helmet which has grill along with it so that you can prevent your head as well as face. Even though there are lots of bats men who have played cricket without using helmets but to come up their level you requires fantastic talent and practice, however this is very severe risk that only few professional players might have taken or supposed to take. Most of the time it has seen that wicketkeepers enter into the field and come up near the stumps without wearing helmet but this is visibly not a good practice to avoid injury.
Thigh guards and pads are equally essential for the batters. They have to wear all kind of guards such as thigh guards, abguards and arm guards at the time of batting. Because these protective guards can prevent them from a tough ball with high speed that sent at 50 miles or 80 miles and could have injured their knees as well as shin. Wicketkeepers are also supposed to wear especially planned & prepared pads with less weight as a component of their essential cricket accessories. Shin guards are extremely essential for close-in fielders; therefore they must choose to wear them. There are lots of chances for cricketers to reduce the risk of injury if they will utilize all protective gears.
Batting gloves are next important accessories that not only facilitate the fine grip of the bat, but also they help to protect the hand against injury. But before buying the batting gloves you have make sure whether the gloves are padded properly or not and padding should be mainly around the fingers.

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