The view through NVDs can be a lot like looking down a tunnel

With so many different night vision devices to choose from, why would one choose to use night vision goggles as opposed to a monocular or some other type of scope device?There are several reasons. The first, and most not so obvious, is the that the army has traditionally trained many of their soldiers to use the night vision goggle. With a head or helmet mount, the goggle allows for a hand-free operation, giving the soldier the ability to use a gun, operate a tank or vehicle, or fly a plane or helicopter while wearing the goggles.

The second reason, and the stronger of the two, is eye-strain. Looking through goggles is easier on the eyes and produces less eye strain than looking through a monocular or scope type set up. If you are operating a tank, armoured vehicle, doing a ground survey, performing a tactical area search and rescue, or flying a plane or helicopter the night vision goggle (aviator night vision – another article coming soon…!) would be the correct choice based on the minimal eye strain. Looking through goggles allows your eyes to adjust to the green color based vision without having to deal with the darkness of night poking in from your other eye. This can easily cause a headache, which you obviously dont want when operating a vehicle or plane on an important mission. It is one thing to operate a vehicle or plane and another to concentrate on your aim through a scope, where you typically close one eye to get a better view of the target.

The view through NVDs can be a lot like looking down a tunnel. Your normal field of view is almost 190 degrees but that is cut down to 40 degrees with NVDs. That side — or peripheral — vision youre accustomed to, and from which you often see dangers, is just not there. To adjust for that you must constantly turn your head to scan for the dangers on either side of you that you cant see in your narrow field of view. Not the greatest in ground battle situations, but what can you do? That’s the price for being able to see in almost complete darkness.

Real benefits of having night vision goggles

Night vision goggles are a real technology operating on scientific principles. Although often used by military organizations, night vision goggles are available to civilians. The reason why military night vision goggles have now become an expected part of modern warfare is that they allow the wearer to see images in the dark which cannot be viewed with just the naked eye.

Each new generation of night vision goggles comes with much better performance capabilities and also the prices are becoming somewhat more affordable as well. Often while camping, you’ll find yourself needing to make a repair or adjustment to your tent in the middle of night. Night vision goggles will provide a significant help in this process. Difficult repairs will be simplified when you don’t have to worry about holding a flashlight. In addition, you’ll be able to complete any necessary repairs or tasks without waking up your fellow campers with a bright flashlight.

At one point or another, every camper is faced with the dreaded situation of having to venture into the woods to use the bathroom at night. With night vision goggles, the process will be much easier. Instead of stumbling into the tree line and tripping over rocks and roots, you’ll be able to negotiate territory with ease as if seeing in broad daylight.

If you plan to fish at night while camping, a set of night vision goggles could be an invaluable addition to your tackle box. Fishing with the aid of night vision goggles allows for extremely quiet, hands-free angling. Flashlights, and the sounds they create, could surprise a potential catch. Even a headlamp, while hands free, will not provide the total range of vision you’ll experience with night vision goggles.

One of the greatest benefits of night vision goggles is the ability to observe wildlife without the disturbance of a flashlight. Most animals will become frightened and either flee or be startled when spotted with hand tools suppliers a light. Night vision goggles allow campers to observe wildlife at night in their natural habitat without the animal noticing. Whether watching deer, raccoons or foxes at night, plenty of interesting animal behavior can be observed.More mischievous campers will have endless fun with night vision goggles. If you’ve ever tried to scare or surprise your fellow campers in the middle of the night, you’ve probably blown your cover early with one false move of your flashlight. Night vision goggles will allow you to stealthily maneuver your campsite and surprise your unsuspecting friends.

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