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nfl 18 ps4 coins Madden NFL 18 released on August 25 the last Friday of the month turned out to be great success of the first blood in the furious autumn contest. According to Nintendo Switch platform sales volume statistics Madden has been the top position on the monthly leader board surpassed the time-honored brand Grand Theft Auto V to be the best-selling video game for August and for sports simulation games.

Nintendo recently released its new console Switch software sales-volume rank of the month August shown us the top three games were EA Sports’ Madden NFL 18 Rock Star’s GTA V and Uncharted series. Madden NFL 18 has took place the first position of the new console instead of FIFA and 2K franchise landed in the top slot. Grand Theft Auto V still continuing to dominate the charts after all these years took a hearty second place while Sony’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy landed in third. Nintendo’s sequel Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rounded out the top five.

Madden 18 demo was well-prepared for Windows PS4 and Xbox One platform. No Switch version what a pity! Perhaps you were absent minded for more than a couple of decade years. Things have changed quite a bit. Or maybe you’re an American and you have no idea why this football has a round ball but no player was armored what are you wanting about to see? Then this might help you.

Be walked alongside the EA Sports FIFA franchise for years 2K Games assigned NBA 2K for handling their old rival in market. In this case there’s also possibility for Nintendo to create a Mario based sports game seeing how it leans so much on franchises like Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. Not confirmed but you never know.

An important direction of Madden’s grinding is to innovate a brand-new online portion but nothing new on the table this time. Just like local game the core gameplay itself seems to be the same aside from some minor tweaks. While it is disappointing that nothing new was added in MUT it still remains a smooth no delay game experience. The only significant technic can be found in the Longshot. At times there would be a blur stuck on the screen cast by the previous picture as well as occasion lip-syncing issues. Regardless of it Madden NFL 18 is satisfying. The level of detail on the players and coaches has really been deeply refined.

Switch hardware is not compatible with sports games in nature.eanflcoins The Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf series on the previous platform the Wii was a favorable choice and the splendid NHL 2010 has manifested the publisher could make something distinctive and enjoyable on Nintendo console’s hardware.

I am thinking about this pretty frequently lately as I’m playing my Switch in portable condition quite a bit now. If done in a more proper way Madden franchise could be another monopoly like FIFA on Switch. Problem is followed EA’s marketing strategy there’s still nothing worthy for us to buy it on Switch. When in reality they don’t make competitive products for Nintendo consoles.

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