High Adhesion Standard for Enameled Aluminum Wire

The characteristics of the Enameled Aluminum Wire determine that a larger wire gauge is required to conduct the same current than the copper wire. Therefore, the main wire gauge of the enamelled round enameled aluminum wire is a 0.7 to 3.5 mm medium and large wire, since the enameled aluminum wire is higher than the copper wire. The line stretch is large and easier to stretch, so the primary requirement for large-size enamelled round aluminum wire is adhesion. Through a series of experiments and successful experiences, we found that the improvement of the paint film adhesion of large-size aluminum wire can be effectively improved by the following two improvements: the use of a large-scale aluminum wire for bottoming, that is, the use of special self-adhesive paint on the surface of aluminum materials. After the two-step undercoating, the composite PEI, PE and PAI composite coatings were applied. This primer makes a strong connection between aluminum and polyester or polyester imine primer, which greatly improves the adhesion of the paint film. Compared to the copper oxide layer, the aluminum oxide layer has the advantages of high hardness and good adhesion to the substrate. Therefore, the use of this feature in the process of coating the line in the first line is not painted or modified annealing process deliberately to oxidize the surface of the enameled aluminum wire before painting, this oxide layer is equivalent to the smooth surface of the polished aluminum rod It can effectively improve the adhesion with the film. Under the pressure of cost, each compressor factory is currently developing enameled aluminum wire air conditioners and refrigerator compressors. However, unlike the mature applications of microwave oven transformers, the working environment of the compressors is more demanding, and at the same time it is required in the design and manufacture of compressors. The high stress embedment and very high groove fill rate all require higher softening breakdown of the enameled wire.

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