Advantages of Enameled Copper Wire and Xinyu Company

Xinyu-enameledwire is the domestic professional technology experts of Copper Enameled Wire , always adhere to the product first, the principle of winning on quality, and firmly believe that integrity management and word of mouth marketing, paying attention to the customer’s purchase experience.

Advantages of Xinyu Enameled Wire Company:

Xinyu enameled wire company is a leading designer and manufacturer of enameled wire.


We can arrange production according to customers’ requirements.

Free sample

We supply free wire sample(≤ 2kg) for customer testing.

One-stop solution for transformers

We provide a full set of raw materials for transformer factories

Perfect after-sale service

Compensation solution help customers reduce the loss at lowest.

Advantages Of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire:

A) Stable quality, high-purity copper conductor adopted.

B) The most competitive price for your market.

C) Professional technology support and timely after-sale service.

D) Free sample available for your test.

E) Special specification can be customized, OEM is also accepted.

F) Fast Delivery, 12-15 days for one 20GP container’s loading.

G) Elantas insulation available.

H) Diameter range from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, thermal class from 130 to 220.

I) Longer quality guarantee period, any quality problem we will compensate for your loss.

Xinyu Enameled Wire with outstanding technical standards, superior product quality, standardized safe operation level, efficient service concept, the best product cost, and good business reputation and other unique advantages, access to the industry customers and experts unanimously recognized and praised. Welcome you to visit our factory.

Applications of Xinyu Thermal Class 130/155/180 Enameled Copper Wire

Xinyu-enameledwire is specialized in manufacturing of Enameled Wire for many years. We also offer OEM and ODM services.

Applications of Xinyu Thermal Class 130/155/180 Enameled Copper Wire:

155 Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

a) Small transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils,magnetic headsMicrowave transformers;

Windings with light weight, high conductivity, good heat resistance;

Winding used for high frequency signal transmission

Enamelled wire used in small-motor rotor winding .etc.

Magnet wires used in monitor deflection coil;

Magnet wires used in degaussing coil;

Other special magnet wire.

b) Automotive sensors and coils as relais and ignition coils

c) Generators,dry-type or oil-immersed

d) Anti-explosion motor,air-conditioner compressor,washing machine,Magnetic wire used in High Frequency

transformer, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electromotors and micro-motors;

e) Military and space applications

We are a Copper Enameled Wire factory, and we have our own foreign trade department, we market our own products. We are never satisfied with the status quo, and be tireless on the road of innovation and pursuing professional knowledge.

Xinyu Paper-Covered Rectangular Copper(Aluminum) Wire

The company is always committed to producing various specifications (0.18~6.50mm) and temperature levels (130~220C) of Enameled Copper Wire. Under the the guidance of “Quality First, Customer Uppermost”, Xinyu has made great efforts in technological innovation and market development. After years of development, Xinyu brand becomes one of the best-known manufacturers in the field of enameled wire As a professional and reliable supplier, Xinyu is willing to cooperate with friends all around the world for a win-win future.

Xinyu Paper-Covered Rectangular Copper(Aluminum) Wire has excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical performance, especially in high current output, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in high-voltage transformers, electric machines, generators, etc.

PRODUCT:Paper Covered Copper Wire

STANDARD:GB/T 7673.3-2008




PRODUCT :Paper Covered Enameled aluminum wire

STANDARD :GB/T 7673.3-2008
DATE :19th,Apr.,2017

TYPE :ZLB-0.45


Features Of Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire:

A) Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire is a special kind of magnet wires. Its conductors is oxygen-free copper rods or electrical round aluminum rods which squeeze and draw by the certain size of mold. And its insulation is special material.
B) Our Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire uses two layers or several layers as the insulation layer.
C) The wrapping direction of paper is same. And every layer paper twines conductors continually and compactly without wrinkles.
D) Used for transformers, reactors and other particular windings.

Advantages Of Our Paper Covered Copper(Aluminum) Wire:

A) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent.
B) Excellent electricity performance.
C) Excellent heat shock and flexibility.
D) High cut-through.
E) Resistance to high voltage in oil.
F) Rise up the filling coefficient of the transformer.

Xinyu Enameled Wire believe in long partnership between two business entites and always ready to commit ourself in providing the highest quailty products and services according to our customers expectation. Welcome your visit.

How to Distinguish Real Copper Enameled Copper Wire II

Look at the section; it is easy to see because the thicker wire use copper-clad aluminum. Therefore, the general copper clad aluminum is a soft wire, and there are many small filaments and multiple strands. But as long as you cut the cross section and see the whitish (aluminum color) you can identify what material it is.

Fire method; only need to use a lighter to burn, look at the burning phenomenon and the result after combustion, copper-clad aluminum and copper-clad aluminum-magnesium wire, when the flame contacts the wire, the conductor will hang down straight, not easy to blow, burn After that, the conductor color is gray or darker; since the melting point of aluminum is lower than the melting point of copper.

The difference: the conductor after the Enameled aluminum wire burns will be broken with a finger, which is brittle and will break into multiple sections. If the oxygen-free bare copper wire is burned to form a bead, it is a copper wire. The thickness of the copper wire is not the same after burning. The filament is melted and the thick wire is as it is.

Third, scrape with a tool; tinned copper wire after scratching appears yellow, is copper. After the anaerobic bare copper wire is scratched, the primary color is also copper. Copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad aluminum-magnesium aluminum have white snow. Or the wire can be rubbed on the concrete floor to get the same effect. Copper clad steel wire can also be identified by this method or with a magnet. These three methods are used together before and after. It is believed that the identification of enameled copper wire will not be difficult, and the purchase of cheap and good cables is also very simple.

Xinyu-enameledwire as a professional Enameled Copper Wire supplier, will offer more informatino for you, you can contact us if you cannt find your products at our site.