Brief Information of Xinyu Enameled Copepr Wire Rectangular

Xinyu-enameledwire is a medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of Enameled Wire , there are more than 120 employees and 20 production lines in the company with an annual output of over 7,200 tons and yearly export volume of over 4,000 tons.

Our products: Enameled Copper Wire , Enameled Aluminum Wire, Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire, Enameled Rectangular Aluminum Wire, Paper-covered Rectangular Copper Wire, Paper-covered Rectangular Aluminum Wire, Transformer Aluminum Foil, Transformer Copper Foil, etc.

Xinyu-enameledwire has the most advanced testing equipment and production equipment, product quality has reached the national and industry standards, products, professional, high quality.

Xinyu Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire Brief Info

Xinyu Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire has excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical performance, especially in high current output, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in high-voltage transformers, electric machines, generators, etc.

PRODUCT :Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire


DATE :19th,May.,2017

TYPE :QZYB-2/200


Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire with its devotion to finding new materials and harnessing new technology, the company takes pride in developing enameled wire to meet specific customer requirements.

Xinyu Passed UL 200 Enameled Copper Wire

Xinyu 200 Enameled Copper Wire Characteristic: The product can work continuously under 200C and has excellent properties of heat resistance,resistence to refrigerators,chemical and is suitable for the motors of compressors and air-conditioners and rolling mill motor working in adverse and high-quality power tools and light fitting and special power tools of aerospace,nuclear industry,steel-smelting and coal cutting and canned motor pump and automotive motor,etc.

Standard in accordance with : IEC 60317-13

Advantages Of Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire:

A) Stable quality, high-purity copper conductor adopted.

B) The most competitive price for your market.

C) Professional technology support and timely after-sale service.

D) Free sample available for your test.

E) Special specification can be customized, OEM is also accepted.

F) Fast Delivery, 12-15 days for one 20GP container’s loading.

G) Elantas insulation available.

H) Diameter range from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, thermal class from 130 to 220.

I) Longer quality guarantee period, any quality problem we will compensate for your loss.

Enameled copper wire

1. 130, 155, 180, 200 centigrade

2. 0.05-1.80mm

Features of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire:

1) Able to bear corona performance

2) Able to bear solvents

3) Able to bear refrigerant

4) Especially suitable for frequency conversion and control of motor winding in:

a) Frequency conversion refrigerators

b) Frequency conversion air conditioner compressor

c) Electromechanical winding

d) Other electrical machinery with the same demands

Main Application of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire

–Lighting fixtures




–Solenoid valves


–Electrical appliance

–Industrial electronics

–Pumps & fans motor

Under the the guidance of “Quality First, Customer Uppermost”, Xinyu-Enameled Wire has made great efforts in technological innovation and market development. Welcome your visit.

The Damage Reasons for Enameled Wire

The insulation is damp. This condition is also common and generally occurs at enameled wire joints in direct buried or drained pipes. For example, if the enameled wire joint is unqualified and the joint is made under humid climatic conditions, the joint will be filled with water or mixed with water vapor. For a long time, R forms a water branch under the electric field effect, which gradually damages the insulation strength of the enameled wire and causes problems.

Chemical corrosion. The Enameled Copper Wire is directly buried in the acid-base effect area, and the enameled wire sheathing, lead skin or outer sheath is often corroded. The protective layer is chemically corroded or electrolytically corroded for a long time, causing the protective layer to fail and the insulation to drop. The enameled wire is damaged; the corrosion of the enameled wire in the unit is quite serious.

Overloaded for a long time. Overloading, because of the thermal effect of the current, the load current will cause the conductor to heat up when passing through the enameled wire. The skin effect of the charge together with the eddy current loss of the steel stern and the loss of the insulating medium will also generate additional heat, and then increase the enameled wire temperature.

Enameled wire connector is faulty. The enameled wire connector is the thinnest link in the enameled wire line, and the enameled wire connector problem caused by the direct fault of the person (poor construction) often occurs. During the process of making the enameled wire joints, the construction personnel will cause the insulation of the enameled wire head to drop if there is a joint that is not tightly crimped or insufficiently heated, and then cause the incident. Environment and temperature. The external environment and heat source where the enameled wire is located may also cause excessive enameled wire temperature, insulation breakdown, and even an explosion.

So choose a professioal Enameled Wire manufacturer is very important, here i recommend you, we truly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success. To keep fulfilling the changing needs of our valued customers, we have a complete supply chain management for high quality and service.