This adds some elegance and interesting touches to the card design

While commercially made cards can be quite beautiful and many has lovely words of appreciation or gratitude, if you have the time, you should always consider how fun and inexpensive it would be to make a handmade card for all of your special occasions. A handmade greeting card can be personalized to fit the occasion and are often times treasured by the recipient.Here is a fun handmade birthday card idea that can be made with henna paste:Materials Needed:Nice quality white paper, scissors, pen, ink, henna paste (henna powder, lemon juice, your choice of scented oil), a paint brush, mylar cone, or jacquard bottle to apply the henna with. Gold or silver paint.Card Making Instructions:1) Fold the white paper like you would for a standard greeting card. Make sure you fold two sheets of paper for this, as henna will bleed through the paper if you do not.2) Use the pen to draw a design on the front of the card; the design can be as simple or as complex as you like.

A simple leaf or ornate cherry branches can be wonderful for thank you card ideas.3) Mix your henna paste in a glass or plastic bowl. To do this, you would put your henna powder in the dish, and add the liquids mentioned above until you have a texture that is similar to oil or acrylic paint. acrylic emulsion You can mix it a little thicker or thinner, whatever you feel comfortable working with.If you are using a bottle or cone, now would be the time to fill the container and pipe the design on over the ink outline on the paper. If you are using a paint brush, you would apply the henna to the paper as though it was paint and make sure to go over your design carefully.4) Let the henna dry for at least half an hour before outlining it in gold or silver. This adds some elegance and interesting touches to the card design.

Of course, you will have to wait for the gold or silver paint to dry as well. If you wish, you can add small acryllic gems to the design, or you can leave it as it is.Extra Tips:* If you want to add more interesting touches to your handmade greeting card, you can use any color of good-quality paper (other fiberglass glue than black) instead of white paper. The dark brown stain left by henna looks very nice against almost any color of background.* If you wish to do so after your design is complete and the henna has dried, you can cut the top and bottom edges of the card with decorative cutting scissors; the possibilities for creating a unique card are endless.Once your design has dried, you can write whatever you want on the inside of the card. This may be gone over in henna as well, or it can be left in plain ink. Either way, you have a very attractive and unique card to present to your recipient.

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