Many times cotton will be blended with wool

Round area rugs can be found in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials. Following is some helpful information for helping one to select the best round area rug they might want in their home. Materials include both synthetic and natural fibers. Popular choices in the natural materials include bamboo, sisal, wool, jute and cotton. With the synthetics one will find polypropylene/olefin, rayon, acrylic, viscose and nylon. The rugs may be hooked, flat woven, handmade or machine made. Among the different styles one will find stylish Persian rugs, shag rugs, contemporary round area rugs and braided area rugs. Floor or area rugs will also be found in several different shapes including square,round and oval round area rugs. One of the primary considerations when selecting the material that will work best should be the concerned with where the rug will in fact be placed and how much traffic will be going over it.

For example, if one is seeking the best material to stand up to heavy traffic without being easily damaged probably the best choice will be woollen rugs. This applies also to those with pets and small children in the home. Wool is relatively simple to care for and will usually retain its appearance and shape far longer then those materials that are more sensitive. Another big advantage is that woollen rugs have a greater resistance to dust mites. For those dealing with dust allergies this can be very important. Different sorts of wools available include alpaca, goat or sheep wool. Still another long-lasting natural and durable material is cotton.

Many times cotton will be blended with wool and the result will be the creation of a silicone acrylic emulsion smooth, soft rug on which one can walk very comfortably. The wool and cotton blends are mostly less expensive then the 100% wool rugs but also have a tendency to be slightly less resilient. Those people not concerned with children or pets traversing the rug may want to look into the greater quality natural fibers. Silk is without a doubt one of the natural materials which are more expensive and can be found in the high quality Persian and Oriental rugs. Silk rugs must be professionally cleaned and certainly require greater care than cotton or wool. Included in the synthetic materials are rayon, viscose and nylon. Often in an effort to keep the product price down synthetics and natural fibers are blended together. Another advantage synthetic rugs offer is that they are much easier to keep clean. For those on a tight budget, synthetic round area rugs can be a great option.

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