Another fundamental is landscaping

Auditory staging serves two purposes: Another fundamental is landscaping. With auditory staging, we want to create an effect that potential buyers or rental tenants may or may not actually be aware of, and all the better if they don t ever know why they liked the house so much. Is your house clean? Not  broom clean,  whatever that means, but SHINY clean, spotless clean, eat off the floor clean. They don t have to be expensive either, so check out some discount home &amp  garden stores. Auditory Staging We re going to get a little more subtle now, away from the initial visual things we did specifically to be noticed. Whether tedious to you or not though, I will say this: in a slow real estate market, you need an edge. Visual Staging Let s start with real estate fundamentals before we get fancy.

When you re fixing the house up, spend a little time coming up with a color scheme for the walls before you paint. creating a pleasant emotion in people subconsciously. To block out noise, consider a hedge or fence or other landscaping, which also serves a visual role). Accent your colored walls with whatever you can: trim, curtains, draps, carpet, door mat, whatever. Flowers are great because they re subtle and visual, but they re high maintenance as you have to water them, prune them, replace them, etc. Keep in mind that the outside of the property is the first thing people see, and you want make a good impression so that your buyer or rental tenant isn t jaded against everything afterwards. Fountains (indoor or outdoor) are also a great way to do it all, as they block out noise, offer a pleasant gurgling sound, and look good. Include it with the house, and they ll fall head over heels. Olfactory Staging You have to be careful with smells, as they can easily become overpowering and unpleasant. Choose carefully, because some smells stick around! Spices are strong but neutral; who doesn t like the smell of cinnamon? There are probably thousands of houses for sale in your real estate market, and your house isn t any different fundamentally from the others. block out irritating background noise, and 2.

People are vain, and like to look at their reflection in the granite countertop. What you SHOULD bother spending money on is a flat screen television, because they re now cheap but still have that slick panache. Make sure the colors complement each other, because clashing will undo all your work. So the trick is to convince potential buyers or rental tenants that yours is better without ever having to say it, so get subtle and watch them fall in love!

White reminds people of hospitals, and I don t know about you but I hate hospitals. My personal favorite is lounge music or jazz; it ll arouse old childhood feelings of nostalgia. Since you already bought a TV, why not use it? Turn it on when you first walk in, and leave it on, but beware: you ll want it to already be on the right channel, at the right volume. That edge doesn t have to come from spending ten grand on an in ground pool, it can come from a few tricks to make a subconscious impression on every potential buyer or rental tenant who walks through your house.

Alternatives include incense, candles, plug ins, or air freshener as a last resort.You probably think that staging is something that should be left to Martha removable battery floodlight Stewart and Hollywood set designers, something tedious to be avoided. If you have it sitting in storage, consider putting some furniture in the house, but don t bother spending money on it. Look for warm colors, but keep them light; you don t want people thinking they re in a mud hut or something. Aim for subtlety, and keep it consistent with just one smell for the whole house.

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