Most kids love plush stuffed animals

There are toys for both boys and girls, including sharks with toothy grins, and pink elephants with super soft fur. That way you won’t have to discard the toy when it gets dirty and grimy looking. With so many plush stuffed animals on the market, how do you know which one to choose?First of all, make sure the toymaker of the stuffed animal you’re considering is reputable. Do some research. But, use caution if you have a young child.One company that may be able to provide you with the perfect option is Cuddly Pillow. Only you can decide what your child would like most.

Most kids love plush stuffed animals. If it’s stuffed with beans you may not want to get it for a young child, as those beans could easily end up in their mouth.A stuffed animal may be a toy that’s considered safe for all ages, even babies. Find someone that has a good reputation for making quality, safe toys. They sleep with them at night and take them everywhere. If you ask an adult, they can tell you about the stuffed rabbit, or dog, or some other creature they had when they were a kid. You child’s new favorite stuffed animal is sure to spend a lot of time with him, and if you could just throw it in the wash after he had a cold, it could be sanitized and back in action before you know it.Something that isn’t really a necessity, but will help your child hang onto their toy for a long time, is making sure you find something that’s machine washable.

There have been a lot of recalls and lawsuits lately involving the toy industry, and the last thing you want is to become a part of that. Plenty of stuffed toys just have eyes and noses made of thread that are just as cute and won’t be hazardous to your child. They will snuggle up to that toy countless times, and if the fabric is full of toxins and the stuffing is pumped full of asbestoses it’s not going to end well. Use particular care when selecting a toy that will spend a lot of time near your child’s face, as a stuffed animal Temper furnace would. Avoid toys that could present a choking risk. You can even choose from a variety of fabrics, like chenille, terry cloth, cotton and corduroy.The last thing to think about is what type of animal your child may like. Plush stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes, from dragons to monkeys to bunnies. Watch for eyes and buttons that can come off and end up in your child’s mouth. Also consider the toys innards, in the event that a seam comes undone.

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