The quality of these machines

This allows positions to be set on the two axes to an accuracy of 2. These machines are available with 2. DeVlieg jig mills were the only machines that were made with rollers mounted in journals or bearings that needed to be aligned near each other. The soft way makes it easier to take the machine apart to regrind the ways.

The jig mill, also known as a jig borer, is a machine tool used to make multiple holes.machineryvalues. As a low price alternative, the DeVlieg is the best you can find.Unlike other horizontal boring mills, DeVliegs don’t have saddles to move the table closer and away from the spindle. With harder ways this regrinding process could take months, including the cost and shipping to the rebuilder. With CNC boring mills entering the market, the DeVlieg jig mill fell in demand.DeVliegs generally come with flaked soft ways that can be re-scraped whenever it is necessary. It does, however, have the same effect through use of platen travel.5 or up to 6 spindles. High accuracy jig mills were used if you needed to machine frames for plastic laminating machines or a printing press.

While the DeVlieg jig mill could only position with an accuracy to bore at an accuracy of 1/10th per foot over a large distance, the CNC has a position and scale feedback system that could achieve the same results with much less effort.5 microns. Modern milling machine tapers and power bars are standard on the DeVliegs. For so long, the DeVlieg jig mill was the only milling machine of choice. They were also used to pin holes of a die or mold today!. The manufacturing of the DeVlieg allows you to rescrape the machine in just a few days. Invented in World War I, these machines provide die makers and tool with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy.

The quality of these machines stands the test of time. This can be indexed so the DeVlieg can bore near perfectly lined up holes on the other side of the part. For a low cost, durable and efficient Devlieg Jig Mill, contact www. These are used on shafts used spring coil machine with a strong degree of gearing.Typically, the DeVlieg has a work table of about 400mm x 200mm that can be moved using large handwheels that have micrometer-style readouts and verniers. One of the great benefits is that it can bore holes in one side of a part. It also has a short spindle and saddle travels.Many people also use these machines for repair work and in some areas of production. For businesses that require boring but may be on a budget, the DeVlieg is still a great choice.

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