Elevator Sensitive Components Provided by Elevator Manufacturer

As a freeholder or manager, you accept to actuate how generally the elevator needs aliment and align the elevator in the contract. Avoid application agreement such as “system,” “regular,” “regular,” or “as needed.” The Elevator Manufacturer reminds you that some accessories requires account maintenance. Please ensure that your arrangement provides account maintenance, if not, it applies.

In accession to accustomed precautions, the cloudburst needs added care:

It is actual important to waterproof the elevator pit. Check the action of the pit afore the monsoon.

Properly attention the apparatus allowance is all-important to ensure that doors, windows or any added aperture cuts do not access the water.

Make abiding there is no baptize on the stairs on the stairs as it will access the able-bodied from the top.

If there is baptize in your elevator pit, you accept to about-face off your accommodation elevator because the active cable may backpack water, which may aftereffect in alarming operation.

The sensitive components you need to be aware of are:

main controller.

ARD controller.


Variable frequency drive.

Door motor controller.


Landing and car button.