You don’t have to disclose your weight

And look around for the best club, the one that suits you the most. So before you do sign up, or dismiss it, consider yourself, your personality and your needs. It depends is the answer.

They are also useful for sharing tips and experiences.It is not hard to find a weight loss club, there are usually half a dozen within a 20 minute drive in any city.

Consider yourself for a moment. You don’t have to disclose your weight (in most clubs) but you can discuss what you lost or gained. By far the most common is the ubiquitous Weight Watchers, but many smaller brands and even one off clubs exist all over the place.

What such clubs are very good at doing is making you focus on short term goals. Variables that include.

Weight loss clubs can be powerful things for garden netting people, if it suits them and if it is a good club. There are a huge amount of variables to consider. It could be you are determined to be the best ‘loser’ in the class. Peer pressure and competitiveness are two big driving factors in such meetings. It could be that you would be too embarrassed to admit you put on weight to your peers – and so work at losing it.

If you are with people who are on the same weight loss journey together then that very togetherness can help, make you feel part of something and help each other by sharing what you find useful and what to avoid.

If the answer is yes then weight loss clubs could be just what you are looking for.



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