If lack of exercise is not the problem

While it is difficult and discouraging when your dog digs holes in the yard, here you can learn how to stop a digging dog too. You can encourage digging in this area by burying bones and toys and you can discourage digging in the rest of the yard with some of the ideas mentioned above.

If you need to stop your dog from digging at the fence, first, know that you dog could be doing this due to lack of exercise or to chase plastic netting something. If this is the case be sure to provide your dog with plenty of shade and make sure there is a dog bed or somewhere soft for the dog to lie. Many dogs dig because it is in the nature of their breed. Fortunately for both you and your yard, this behavior can be corrected, just as it has for so many other dog owners. Still give your dog adequate exercise and play time and make sure that you supervise your dog during its bathroom breaks to prevent your dog from more digging in the yard. But for most others, the most common reason for dog digging is that your dog is left alone for too long and they are bored.

If you give your dog plenty of exercise and play time but still needs to dig, you can try squirting your dog with Super Soaker or some other kind of long range squirt gun. This will be good for both you and your dog. Your dog may be bored because the yard is barren of toys, they may be mimicking your behavior by working in the garden, or dog digging could happen as a result of a lack of healthy outlets for their energy.

If this is not an option, and none of the above ideas to stop a dog from digging work, you may have to consider keeping your dog indoors with you more often.

If your dog digs in your yard for these reasons, it is important that you walk your dog at least twice a day.

If none of these ideas work, consider giving your dog a small section or a corner of the yard for its digging space. Also, providing more toys for your yard can help to stop dog digging in your yard.

The first thing that needs to be understood is why dogs dig holes.
.Are you a dog owner who has a problem with your dog digging holes in your yard or garden? If so, you’re not alone.

Dogs will also often dig because they are digging for cool soil to lie in because it is too hot, or they may be digging to make a softer bed. If lack of exercise is not the problem, you can try burying chicken wire just below the surface of the dirt or by stacking rocks along the fence. Be sure to aim for the head of the dog and to make it seem as though you are the one who sprayed the dog with water.

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