Try barking at the fence maybe it will move

Ha it worked!!! Mmm that was good. Whew I think he bought it, he is walking away.I wonder is the other dogs are up and outside yet too? Hey there’s Frank. Hey fine I’m out!!! You could of just asked, or threw a treat outside.. What was it? Eww broccoli, I hate broccoli! What’s broccoli? Oh well I’ll take it… Ha ha we don’t even have a cat these humans are plastic netting so predictable.. I’m gonna go back to bed…food…Wake up… I don’t have to go outside now.. Alright well I am going to go chew my bone so hold all my barks…… Hey what are you doing with my ball? What fetch? What’s that? Hey why did you throw my ball? Nah you get it.

That was a good bone, but maybe next time I could do without you walking by my and looking like your gonna try to take it from me.. OWWW what was that for? Oh.. AHH that feels so much better now I can go back to sleep with the lazy bums. Hey my pet human is calling my name. you threw it…Burp!

Hmm that was good.Ok well run to the other side of the fence while barking, see if that does anything. It’s all the same anyways.Uh Oh.. Whoa who was yelling? Oh…..Bark. come on wake up.

No still can’t see you. It’s been a long day..bark… Hey Frank over here!!! Hey I can’t see you through this fence! Here run to this side of the

Hey do you think I could have any of your food? Oh come on..WAKE UP!!!! Fine if you won’t wake up I’ll just go on the floor…. Hey my name isn’t shut up? Oh many times have i told you not to use language like that? Fine I’ll go inside, I didn’t want to go out here anyways…. Try barking at the fence maybe it will move.. What was I supposed to do hold it? You know that’s not good for my doggy parts.. Hey wait a minute, why do you have that newspaper? You don’t read the paper this early.. I’ll just give the puppy eyes.Oh man I have to go to the bathroom! Why are these people asleep at a time like this.

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