A deck is an ideal place to display objects that are reminders

Table decorations outdoors are effective decorative touches. A collection of cacti and succulents can be grouped together for a summer display. Lanterns designed for boats are wonderful because they are safe on wooden decks and usually do not blow out on windy evenings.Small decorative touches can offer a fun way to provide a deck with unique appeal that is aesthetically pleasing. Place these items among plant containers, along the base of railings, beside bench seating, at the base of stairs off to the side and on side tables. Combine them with floating holders for votive candles to create an enchanting nighttime centerpiece. Ensure that the spotlight does not shine into the neighbor’s yard.

Hanging strings of small decorative mini lights over a dining area, under an arbor Sliding Gate Wheel or in the branches of a tree can create a wonderful, festive atmosphere. Dress up an outdoor table with a simple all-weather centerpiece.

Blown glass rings designed to hold 1 or 2 flowers can be floated in a dish of water. A shallow bowl planted with annuals or bulbs can be another great choice. The options for decorative ideas in decorating a deck year-round are almost endless and limited only by a homeowner’s imagination and creativity. Experiment with hanging all-weather versions of paintings, metal wall ornaments and stone plaques.

Ornamental latticework is also a very effective wall decoration possibility. Shining 1 or more small spotlights up into a nearby tree or shrub can easily add drama to a deck at night. Lights can also easily bcome wonderful decorative elements all their own.

Decks can easily become wonderful, aesthetically appealing outdoor spaces year-round by simply adding deck decoration that reflects the personalies and creative energies of their owners.

Walls that surround a deck cry out for some type of decoration. Any number of collections can be used to decorate walls including old garden tools, birdhouses or floats from crab or lobster pots. Something as simple as a vase placed on a shelf in the living room and others that sit out on the deck can connect these rooms inside and out.

When making a selection of decorative objects or ornaments, keep in mind that they must be able to withstand the harsh conditions of certain types of weather.

However, some metal pieces look great when they rust and can become wonderful display objects on the outdoor living space.

Basic lighting is an essential ingredient with decks for safe lighting to illuminate steps and walkways. Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and bronze have the advantage of being rustproof. An antique metal section of fence or old iron gate may be just the right thing to hang on a wall.

Because decks are often visible from indoors it is important to keep in mind that deck decorations are wonderful design ideas to strengthen the connection between indoor rooms and outdoor living spaces. Avoid leaving wet pots on wrought iron tables because of the potential problem of rust. A simple snow sculpture on the deck could be a fantastic focal point for a few weeks in winter. Make sure that some are positioned to point toward the house so that they can be enjoyed from indoors. Other metals do not possess this characteritic and may not be a wise choice for display on or around the deck.

A still life made up of pumpkins and gourds combined with container grown mums can easily celebrate the arrival of fall. Deck decoration can be temporary in nature or permanent. They should also be heavy enough so as not to be blown around in windy conditions or be securely fastened down.

A deck is an ideal place to display objects that are reminders of special people or places. Tuck a piece of driftwood from a favorite vacation spot or a garden sculpture from a close friend next to a container and a daily reminder of a special memory will be the result. Look for different ways to repeat materials or colors indoors and out.

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