You have now had a chance to see part of the beautiful

” When you leave Disney World you may want to visit EPCOT where you can enjoy the parades, eat some fabulous foods from different cultures and see the crafts and displays from different countries.

Sanibel Island can offer you evenings of beautiful sunsets and lapping waves. The emerald-green waters and sparkling white sands are so inviting you will have to force yourself to leave when it is time to move to another adventure on your vacation in Florida. This is a great place to relax, enjoy some quiet time and enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Visiting Destin will allow you to go fishing that you have only been able to dream about before.

No vacation in Florida would be complete without a trip to Disney World.

Now it’s off to SeaWorld where you will be entertained by some of the most charming sea life anyplace. There are many other museums for your entertainment in the city.

Travel on to Fort Myers and visit the homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Visit Florida often, you are always welcome.

It’s time to take to the sea and go fishing.Take your pick of the fabulous locations in Florida to visit. With the international airport in the city it is easy to reach any location you want to visit when you leave Florida. Would you believe these two great homes are right next to each other and separated by a fence called “The Friendship Gate. You may want to start your vacation in Florida in the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale with its cultural, historical and social activities to appeal to your different moods.

You have now had a chance to see part of the beautiful state of Florida but you will want to vacation in Florida often so you can see all that is there, absorb the culture and experience the hospitality of the people of the state. Here you can forget that you are an adult and enjoy the fantasy world of the animated characters that have “come to life. There are many things to do and see in Fort Lauderdale. Watch the whales perform.” There is an annual celebration called the Edison Festival of Light Pageant to celebrate the inventor’s contributions to the city. The island, in San Carlos Bay, offers you the opportunity to play great golf between your trips to the beach.
This may be the most fun stop on your trip and have you wanting to come back time after Gate Hinges time to see all the different displays and programs offered.

Visit Tampa to go to Busch Gardens where you will see some of the most beautiful animals and gardens anywhere. Maybe you want to try your skill at kite surfing or take a water taxi tour along the inland canals. Spend time at the dolphin show and see if you can imagine training them to be such great entertainers. Then take a break and hit the beaches where you can ride bike, walk, or skate along Atlantic Boulevard and the Beach Promenade.

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