There was a guy sitting next to me

Had his fingernails been neatly trimmed, rather than bitten to nearly the quick, they might have been attractive. Enviably so. The lines should be sleek and stylish, and the colors should be harmonious. I mean, every guy who saw him there at that Major American Airport was salivating over his Incredibly Great Toys.All of your clothes should be in good condition and cleaned to the point of perfection. They were, undoubtedly, the hands of a man alone. I believe his luggage was actually powered with Stealth technology.

I blame this on his lack of style. As an aside, in fact, a friend of mine talking about potential mergers of airlines and auto manufacturers said, One big pile of steamin poo mixed with another big pile of steamin poo what do you think will come of it?

But, anyway, as I said, I was sitting in an American airport, and I d had my share of fried food and airport cocktails, and I was back in the front seats at the gate, hoping that I could flash my platinum card and slide onto the plane with the first classers, the wheelchair grannies, and the moms with their strollers and nose picking toddlers (please, let me get on before the nose picking toddlers!). I think there may have been rubber involved Post Cap intertwined, present.

It amazed me that so many people work so hard to attain the toys that they believe will attract others rather than concentrating on the basics.

It s so important that a man understand that it s his character that people will remember. Had they been encased, overall, in a jacket of fine wool rather than ridiculous drip dry petroleum product, men and women alike would have swooned.

This guy was obviously successful. Your tie should not be emblazoned with cartoon characters or witty little innuendoes. Spellchecking, obviously. In fact, I have never understood the idea that some people have that they can just buy a bunch of crap and ignore the things that will really make people stand up and take notice: the kind of attire that lends itself to confident bearing and a sense of overweening self assurance. Had his cuffs been French cuffs, tailored in a fine cotton and starched properly, they might have given the idea of handsomeness. Not surprising, given the state of the American airline not American Airlines, in particular, though certainly they are not any better or worse than the rest of them.

Needless to say, these hands which bore no sign of a wedding ring, partners ring, or even a fraternity ring were in no way close to any romantic partner. Had they been fastened neatly with cufflinks, rather than adorned with a hideous rubber n titanium bracelet, they would have been stylish. Your hygiene should be impeccable.

Frayed and grimy cuffs. However, as I watched him type on the super sweet laptop, with the kind of typing skill that only a guy with a highly paid secretary has, I noticed more.. But also true. And your accessories should be classic. His mobile phone was like the phone that Darth Vader would have carried if George Lucas in the 1970s had ever envisioned cell phones that appear futuristic.

There was a guy sitting next to me, with a laptop that I don t even believe has been invented yet, so cool and slick was it. However, the public will question that character if he looks ridiculous. A broken button on one sleeve. They can express your personality, but they must absolutely must be classic.

He was wearing a great, big, heavy, ugly, Goombah link bracelet, probably made of titanium, which is a fine metal when it comes to anything except jewelry. scary, yes. Your cuffs should be neatly clasped with decorative cufflinks that will give people an idea of your individuality without being so attention grabbing that they border on the absurd.

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