The one of a kind event brought concerns

The event was flagged off byHero Cycles Official. Focused attention towards making cycling an active part of rural and urban life can elevate it to become a tool for development, providing an alternative solution to a number of modern day challenges.Reports indicate that over 2,585 bicyclists died due to traffic accidents in 2016; the loss of lives being equivalent to eight Boeing 747 jumbo jets crashing in a single year.

For many of the absolute poor, they are often the best possible means to access jobs, education, markets and community activities in both rural and urban settings. More than 1000 cycle users and cycling enthusiasts including women and children were present at the event.

The one of a kind event brought concerns related to safe cycling to forefront as hundreds of cyclists pedaled in the rally behind Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj. The World Window Cleaner Manufacturers Health Organization similarly estimates that pedestrian and bicycle users account for 12-13% of fatalities suffered in all road traffic incidents in the country.

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