Easy Jacket Cracking

3. The current generation of LSZH cables has not yet established a proven history of long time performance. Damages to the body are by simple asphyxiation (lack of oxygen), chemical irritation, chemical asphyxiation or a combination of all these. A qualified LSZH cable must have a high percentage of filler material.

Although LSZH cables have some important benefits, there is a still a shortcoming � easy jacket creaking. However, special lubricants used for them will avoid the damage. Special lubricants are needed to minimize damage during installation. PVC wire and cable has a huge amount of halogens in it. Smoke inhalation occurs when products of combustion are breath in during a fire. Harmful gases emit by halogen material are extremely damaging to the human respiratory system and can even corroded nearby equipment. SZH is more susceptible to jacket cracking. The jacket of LSZH cable has a lower coefficient of friction making installation easier. However, Halogen free cables, like LSZH cables, is mad up of a compound called polypropylene, will not produce a toxic gases during combustion. This makes LSZH cable more likely to experience jacket cracking during installation.

3. LSZH jacket has a high filler content, around 50% to provide the required flame and smoke performance, which would results in a lower mechanical, chemical resistance, water absorption and electrical properties than non LSZH compounds. This type of jacket material has excellent fire safety characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity and low corrosion. LSZH cable is widely used in applications where people are present in poorly ventilated or fiber optical cable confined spaces, like airplanes, rail cars, or offshore marine platforms.
Less damage and less corrosion damage is done to the respiratory and nearby equipment in the fire because of little or no halogen gas released.
Materials that contain halogens outdoor telephone cable emit potentially harmful gases like chlorine, fluorine and bromine when burned, that makes halogens the main concern for the wire and cable industry.
1. LSZH produces less smoke when burned which allows more escape chances. There is far less smoke to limit their ability to see and breathe, allowing them to get out with less trouble.

As we know, smoke inhalation is the main cause of death related to fires. This means that the jacket will likely be less chemical and water-resistant and have poorer mechanical and electrical properties than a non-LSZH cable jackets. LSZH cable, which is short for Low smoke zero halogen cable, refer to using compounds in the cable jacking manufacturing process that are halogen free and flame retardant.

1. Because LSZH cables are low-smoke, people can make a quicker and easier escape in the event of a fire.What exactly LSZH is?

Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable can be called LSF (low smoke and fume), LSHF (low smoke halogen free), and LS0H (low smoke zero halogen).

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