Mini Dairy Plant Filling Machine Use Precautions

Filling machines play a big part in our lives, so many Mini Dairy Plant factories need to buy filling machines to help them achieve production. The filling machine manufacturer tells you the use of the filling machine, we must pay attention to this problem:

1. The filling machine manufacturer tells you before filling the filling machine, first install and then debug, carefully read the instructions before commissioning, and prepare to use the tool. After filling the filling machine, fill the rails and then the bottles enter the horizontal position, the tanks are filled with material and all electrical switches are in the closed position. Install the container into the tool box and connect it to the external power supply. The power socket must be a three-pin socket and have a reliable grounding wire to prevent electric shock. The machine power switch is turned ON and the power indicator light is on. The support frame is used to support the filling frame to withstand, and the top of the filling head is moved upwards with the fingers on the positioning sleeve, and the positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down, where the filling needle is exposed or retracted without being hindered.

Adjust the switch under the barrel to the open position so that the material can flow into the total metering pump. Adjust the crank on the screw according to the total volume of each container, rotate the filling speed control panel knob by about 20 degrees, and then the speed. The switch on the control panel is set to the open position. As each filling head flows a set amount of liquid, the liquid volume will be tightened to tighten the nut, cover the filling head housing, and release the filling frame support plate.
Can filling machine

2. The filling machine manufacturer tells you that the filling machine should pay attention to its maintenance after use. Clean the piston during maintenance and remove the fixing screws at the same time, so as not to affect the claim of disassembling the other process for the first time. Before cleaning the piston filler, clean the remaining product and add a soft detergent to the bucket. This cylinder has been lubricated in the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricant to ensure the surface of the filling machine is clean. In addition, while maintaining and properly using the filling machine, it is also necessary to test and debug it regularly. Only this type of filling machine can work healthily and steadily.

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