To prepare for the long sleeve clothes

Dry skin: recommendations for the selection of texture,Cheap Mac Makeup, moisture, a replenishment effect of sunscreen, refreshing and oil-free class does not apply. dry skin because of too little sebum secretion caused by dry skin, even in the summer also will still appear the skin dry skin phenomenon.
So in the choice of sunscreen, with special attention to product replenishment effect how.Mixed skin: can choose to like texture clear, can provide mild moisturizing sunscreen. mixed skin both oily and dry skin two properties, T zone oil, other parts of stem, so in the sunscreen has more extensive choice.
However, it is recommended to use sunscreen before, the first T area good oil control work.Sensitive skin: recommendations for the selection of drug nature of the sunscreen. white silkworm with whitening sunscreen, is a brand, it uses precious herbal essence is very suitable for allergic skin people use, can not only sunscreen, whitening and nourishing the skin you can.
Steps / method of sunscreen, don’t neglect the neck, chin, ears of those places, so as to avoid the uneven skin color, become big beautiful face.Your lips are also need to be carefully protected, the heat of the day to make lip moisture evaporate quickly, more susceptible to sun damage, shall be coated with sun protection and moisturizing functions lip balm.
To prepare for the long sleeve clothes, sunglasses, a hat to protect against UV rays.The fragile eye skin is very easy to loss of moisture, but also to choose has the effect of sunscreen cream care. even if the good sun protection measures, but if the sunlight is very much, the night is best also use the sun care products.
After sun avoid using hot water washing the face, wash in cold water after cooling, don’t forget to apply moisturizer.Sweat will put the sunscreen washed every few hours, should besmear again again.Sunbathing time should not exceed 2 hours, so as not to burn the skin, either sitting or lying down should be about 15 minutes to convert a posture.
When conditions available mineral water spray at a distance of 15 cm of face evenly sprayed, at any time to add moisture to the skin, don’t make it too “thirsty”.Avoid in the morning custom umbrella wholesale 10 when to afternoon  when subjected to exposure to the sun, because this time the strongest ultraviolet ray, lethality and also the largest.

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