Just think about how your client would feel

Thus one needs something that leaves a lasting impression on the prospective clients whether corporate houses or regular customers. Also known as the bootable business card, its storage capacity ranges from 50 mb for small storage purposes to 100 mb catering to heavy files. Gives an Led tunnel light edge to your company more like the X factor. Now there is no need to carry heavy set documents and your product pictures. Many companies have risen to the benefits of doing business with business cards especially in UK. Trust me!!

Just think about how your client would feel, when you produce such a slick and high tech representative of your company identity. Passing on a CD or DVD business card than the regular paper ones is the latest marketing strategy deployed by the companies to lure business.

So next time you go for a business proposal bid be sure to present your client with your unique custom made CD business card. Following are listed some of the Lighting pole key benefits you get once you move on to CD business cards from the paper ones.

More dynamic in nature, these business cards come complete with PDF and PowerPoint viewer.
f) Not discarded but passed on. Instead, it all can be accommodated on the CD or DVD business cards like brochures, catalogues, product and sales presentations, annual reports, special events promotions or even slide shows along with audio and visual presentation. Even though you dont end up getting the deal, but the look on your competitors face would be worth it. It bores the company logo, glossy label complete with company details and photo.DVD business cards?? You must be joking right? All your companys info concealed into the compact disc, hmm, when did technology became so advanced? No, this is not an excerpt from a science fi novel; this is the todays reality. To cater to this specific needs CD business cards are currently being manufactured in UK and other parts of the globe.

With business becoming more and more competitive each day, it rather becomes quite difficult to remain in the public eye for long.

a) impressive
b) professional look
c) cost effective
d) can accommodate as much information as possible about the company
e) Small and light in weight. Moreover, it also facilitates conversion of PPTs into flash files that have their own control panel.

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