Spotted this topic from a local golf publication

Useful Tips for Beginner Golfers

Spotted this topic from a local golf publication and found it very useful and that is why list it here to be shared by all golfer enthusiasts:

The original author personally of the view that the following 5 guides are practiced will sure help both the seasoned and beginner golfers to reduce their score at least 3 to 7 strokes or even more from their normal game. No harm to give it a try when you are going for the next golf game.

1. Be sure you fill your stomach with appropriate fuel, this is especially so during early morning or noon golf sessions. Most golfers unwilling to eat anything even during the normal meal hours. They will need the strength via taking complex carbohydrate and good protein foods. This will give them adequate strength for entire game which might last for a long period of time, says four to five hours.

2. Make sure to have proper warm up of your body prior to stand on LED Glass Tube the first tee and even before your first tee-shot. Some lazy golfers have the habit of reaching the tee box late and hurry to hit the ball from the tee-box, the body is not totally ready for the game. By doing so, not only the game is badly play but also can receive injuries easily.

3. Similar to playing any other games, ensure that your body is well watered by drinking lots of water even before your leave your house. This will help you to absorb and digest your pre-game meal and provide liquids to your muscles for optimal performance. Energy loss, lack of focus and concentration and fatigue in the round will be developed due to dehydration. Maintain a habit to sip water during the play of every hole even you are not thirsty.

4. To make sure a good game is scored, continue to maintain flexibility of the body by performing stretching of limbs and joints during the course of playing your golf game.

5. If necessary, go ahead to light nutrition snacks every 5 to 6 holes to maintain provision LED Glass Tube of energy to avoid mental laps in later round. Things like fresh fruit, energy drinks and even nutrition dried fruits will be good choice.

Be sure to try these tips since them worked well for the author. In conclusion, I personally feel that these tips are nothing new to all golfers, even for the beginners, so just takes it as a counter checklist for those who are interested. After all, nothing to loss and you may gain something, who knows.

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