Sometimes it can be kind of surprising how instrumental

There’s no doubt that TV technology has come a long way in the past decade. After all, during that time we’ve seen the introduction of dozens if not hundreds of channels, and an almost full conversion from video cassette tapes to DVD’s among other things. Other technological innovations that have become more and more mainstream are HDTV and video on demand.

Sometimes it can be kind of surprising how instrumental a single company can be when it comes to developing the newest technologies. One example of this kind of company is Comcast. Comcast is proving itself to be a pioneer when it comes to implementing the latest TV technology. It’s even developed newer TV technologies further just by adapting them to provide better services for its customers. As a result of these efforts Comcast has become a TV service provider that in many ways transcends what many critics thought was possible with cable TV technology.

The most obvious improvement is over the years radically increased the number of channels offered. While it used to be that one hundred channels was a lot for a cable TV company to motorcycle lift handle, now it offers upwards of two hundred and seventy five channels in its largest programming package. That not only means a great deal of selection for viewers, but also that this particular cable TV service is truly competitive in terms of number of available channels. Not only that, but it also provides access to smaller programming packages as well so that potential subscribers can always find a good fit for their needs and budgets.

The technology that it has implemented really provides better access to entertainment in general. For example, every programming package comes with a special pay per view service that’s called On Demand because it takes advantage of video on demand technology. Basically, it lets viewers choose movies from a large library and then watch their selections immediately. Video on demand technology is also available through an add on subscription package called Premiums On Demand, which features content from various premium movie channels.

HDTV is another type of technology. High Definition Television is a new TV format that’s designed to give viewers a way to experience movies in their original wide screen, high resolution format that’s complete with high quality sound. Because HDTV is such a data intensive format, cable TV companies have faced special technical difficulties in providing it to their viewers, but Comcast has clearly overcome those difficulties and will continue to expand the number of HDTV channels it offers in the future.

This company has also embraced more basic technologies like digital TV and Digital Video Recording as well. Digital TV provides a clear picture and greater control with an on screen program guide and parental control software. And with a Digital Video Recorder, recording TV shows no matter when they come on so that they can be viewed later is amazingly easy.

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