An XML document that allows service interfaces

Some industry organizations, such as the WS-I, mandate both SOAP and WSDL in their definition of a Web service. Directory services are not relevant or included in Log Splitter the current implementation of this API. There are a few “core” specifications that are supplemented by others as the circumstances and technologies dictate, including:

SOAP: An XML-based, extensible message envelope format, with “bindings” to underlying protocols. Additionally, there is neither a single, nor a stable set of specifications. Typically used to generate server and client code, and for configuration.
.NET SOAP frameworks. Web Services are frequently Web APIs that can be accessed over the Internet and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services.

Most of these core specifications have come from W3C, including XML, SOAP, and WSDL; UDDI comes from OASIS.

WSDL: An XML document that allows service interfaces to be described, along with the details of their bindings to specific protocols.

UDDI: A directory service for publishing and discovering metadata about Web Services to enable applications to find Web Services either at design time or runtime. This API includes one WSDL document per namespace.

The definition encompasses many different systems, but in common usage and throughout this document the term refers to clients and servers that communicate using XML messages that follow the SOAP or REST standards.Web Services can be defined as software designed to support interoperable Machine-to-Machine interaction over a network.

The latter is not a requirement of SOAP endpoint, but it is a prerequisite for automated client-side code generation in the mainstream Java and . Common in both the field and the terminology is the assumption that there is also a machine readable description of the operations supported by the server, often referred to as a Web Services Description Language (WSDL). The primary protocols are HTTP and HTTPS, although bindings for others, including SMTP and XMPP, have been written.

The specifications that define Web Services are intentionally modular, and as a result there is no one document that contains them all

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