The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message

The tool is available in two licenses one is Single-user license and the other one is Corporate license. If backup is not available, then make use of a third party Split PST File software which provides you MS-Outlook application free from problems.

You just need to simply move the data of the folder by using some clicks. In other words, PST file has Log Splitter crossed the size limit of 2 GB.

Let’s consider an error message that comes in MS-Outlook when you try to move or delete a folder from it.

You can then browse to the location of PST and right-click the folder to determine its size under ‘Properties’ and in Properties you find size greater than 2 GB. RTF and HTML formatting gets restored. However, to get over above situation availability of backup is quite helpful. Basically, this happens when Outlook PST file has some problem. You cannot access data and become unable to transfer data of one folder into another. It provides live update feature to install recent software updates.

Make the Deleted Items folder and compact the PST. Stellar Phoenix PST File Splitter v2. Data can be moved within a few mouse clicks. The operation to move folder can not be done. The folder is full.

If the data is of high importance you face serious situation.

Remove the unwanted messages and then apply compaction on the PST file. Operations cannot be carried out.0 is a highly recommendable tool that Split Large PST (single or multiple) on the basis of time, size, e-mail ids, date, and folders etc. Risk free scanning algorithms are taken into account so that splitting of the PST file can be done expeditiously. Increased size of PST file is also one of the main reasons for the abrupt behavior of MS-Outlook application.

For splitting large PST file, you need a suitable PST File Splitter.

Split Large PST File to small sized PST files. But sometimes it happens, MS-Outlook shows abrupt behavior.

The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is the size limitation. Data of one folder can be shared by some other folder quite easily. Application stops responding while doing different operations.MS-Outlook provides you variety of features like sending, receiving, deleting and more operations to perform. Even you can move data of one folder to another.

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