The weekend begins with Evil Geniuses taking on Tainted Minds

The weekend begins with Evil Geniuses taking on Tainted Minds, PSG Esports versus Chiefs Esports Club, G2 Esports facing off against Flipside Tactics, We Dem Girls vs. Cloud9 and Team Dignitas and NRG eSports matching up against the winners of Rocket League Items the first two games.

There are several affidavit why a lot of of the Rocket League players are allotment this for affairs the top superior and able Rocket League resources.

To most, the defending world champions are still the most dominant squad in Rocket League. They head into the tournament with an undefeated record in European league play and have stomped other teams in their regional championships.

The two-time world champs — their first win came under the Gale Force Esports banner before they were acquired by Dignitas — are looking for a third title.

Team Dignitas won Rocket League’s season five championship earlier this year. It was not easy, though, requiring a long run through the lower bracket that culminated in a back-to-back best-of-seven series against NRG Esports.

Despite a nail-biter in the final match after NRG tied things up 3-3 with what some have called the best goal in the game’s history, Dignitas managed to pull it out in overtime. This weekend, they’re expected to do so again.

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