Warrior rookie Jordan Bell recently accepted

Warrior rookie Jordan Bell recently accepted an interview with reporters about his injuries and ups and downs this season,and his teammate Kevin Durant’s help with him.

When it comes to maintaining the importance of humility,Bell said: “Oh,that’s of course.It was easy at first,but then I couldn’t play with the same intensity.I used to be comfortable for a while.I’m right now.Still working hard,but it wasn’t able to get back to the previous state.”

From mid-January to the end of February this year,Bell continued to miss 15 games due to a sprained left ankle.However,after returning from four games,he sprained his right ankle in the game against the Nets and once again missed three games.

“I realized it was a learning process,” Bell said as he talked about injuries and conditions.”For basketball,you think you already know a lot,but actually there are things you haven’t touched before.You’re going to learn.It’s like reading a book.You think you’ve read a book,but you find that this is only one of the 12 book series.”

Bell said in an interview that his team-mate Kevin Durant provided him with many help,and he also learned a lot from Durant’s performance of peacetime training.

“Even if I could see him every day,I would still be amazed at how hard he was in each training session,” Bell said.”If we start training in a layup,he will be the first to put the ball People who buckle into¬†NBA Live Mobile Coins the basket.Maybe not everyone has completely warmed up,but his state is like saying,”Come on,I can’t wait to get it.”

“He told me: ‘I’ve worked so hard out of my passion for basketball,my passion for the game.’ He’s been saying that he wants to be better and he’s always been better,every day than the day before A little progress.I saw his efforts,I silently told myself: ‘I work harder than him,so I’m going to get up.'”

In a series of ten games in the past two rounds,Bell received a total of 36 minutes of playing time.When talking about Bell’s recent performances,Warriors coach Steve Kerr said: “He has done a great job over the past few weeks.He has worked hard and his position has been kept well.He played well in the minutes he played.Well,if this series has the opportunity to send him on the court,I will not hesitate.”

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