The reason why Zhanhuang G2 did not start was exposed

The Cavaliers were 0-2 behind the CelticsĀ NBA Live Mobile Coins in the Eastern Conference finals. Cavaliers coach Tyron Lu received interviews from the media after accepting the training session today.

In fact, in the second game of the Eastern Conference finals series with the Celtics, the Cavaliers’ strategic plan was to have LeBron James and Kevin Love always have a person on the scene to lead the team, but this process appeared a little Small accident. Coach Lu’s original plan was to make James Q1 issue the fourth quarter of G2, but he eventually failed. Today’s Lu guides also revealed the reasons. The reason is simple: James is tired and needs a rest.

“He (James) said he needs a break, which disrupts our rotation,” Lu said.

The good news for the Cavaliers and James was that they had a few days of rest until May 20th, Beijing time. This also allows James to get a good rest and prepare him for the next game.

Coach Lu said he believes that the Cavaliers can play better at home. “After returning home, we know that we will perform better. We must have strong fighting spirit and fighting spirit. The Celtics come to our home game, they will still be very strong and aggressive, we It must be able to stand up to the opponent in this regard.”

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