Warrior rookie Jordan Bell recently accepted

Warrior rookie Jordan Bell recently accepted an interview with reporters about his injuries and ups and downs this season,and his teammate Kevin Durant’s help with him.

When it comes to maintaining the importance of humility,Bell said: “Oh,that’s of course.It was easy at first,but then I couldn’t play with the same intensity.I used to be comfortable for a while.I’m right now.Still working hard,but it wasn’t able to get back to the previous state.”

From mid-January to the end of February this year,Bell continued to miss 15 games due to a sprained left ankle.However,after returning from four games,he sprained his right ankle in the game against the Nets and once again missed three games.

“I realized it was a learning process,” Bell said as he talked about injuries and conditions.”For basketball,you think you already know a lot,but actually there are things you haven’t touched before.You’re going to learn.It’s like reading a book.You think you’ve read a book,but you find that this is only one of the 12 book series.”

Bell said in an interview that his team-mate Kevin Durant provided him with many help,and he also learned a lot from Durant’s performance of peacetime training.

“Even if I could see him every day,I would still be amazed at how hard he was in each training session,” Bell said.”If we start training in a layup,he will be the first to put the ball People who buckle into NBA Live Mobile Coins the basket.Maybe not everyone has completely warmed up,but his state is like saying,”Come on,I can’t wait to get it.”

“He told me: ‘I’ve worked so hard out of my passion for basketball,my passion for the game.’ He’s been saying that he wants to be better and he’s always been better,every day than the day before A little progress.I saw his efforts,I silently told myself: ‘I work harder than him,so I’m going to get up.'”

In a series of ten games in the past two rounds,Bell received a total of 36 minutes of playing time.When talking about Bell’s recent performances,Warriors coach Steve Kerr said: “He has done a great job over the past few weeks.He has worked hard and his position has been kept well.He played well in the minutes he played.Well,if this series has the opportunity to send him on the court,I will not hesitate.”

Zhan Huang needs to continue his dominance

The Cavaliers will face the Celtics in the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals tomorrow. This season,the two teams will meet in the regular season three times and the Cavaliers 2 wins and 1 loss. The Cavaliers and Celtics played 39 games in the playoffs history,and the Cavaliers were 20 wins and 19 losses. The last time the two sides met in the playoffs was last year’s Eastern Conference finals. The Cavaliers eventually beat the Celtics 4-1 to qualify for the Finals.

In the first round of the playoffs of the season,the Cavaliers and the Pacers fought in 7 games and eventually advanced to a big score of 4-3. In the Eastern Conference semifinals,the Cavaliers suffered the first Raptors in the regular season,but the Cavaliers surprisingly scored a big score. 4-0 swept opponents,easily into the Eastern Conference finals. The Cavaliers headline player LeBron James played an important role in the promotion of the team,averaging 34.3 points,9.4 rebounds and 9 assists so far this season. This is James’s 8 consecutive years in the Eastern Conference finals. It is worth mentioning that since 2011,LeBron has been a terrible presence in the Eastern Conference playoffs. He has played in 23 series and won all,including 9 sweeps. The total record is 92 wins and 24 losses.

Referring to the old rival Celtics in the Cavaliers Eastern Conference Finals,James said that the Green is one of the best tactical teams in the league. The Cavaliers must play in the right way to win the series and continue to advance.

“In my opinion,the Green Army is one of NBA Live Mobile Coins the best tactical teams in the league. This is obvious. I’ve long praised Stevens for letting his players do their best. Especially when they’re At the critical moment of suspension or decisive victory,regardless of who was playing on the court,Stevens always allowed the players on the court to perform more than expected. This has been the case for the past few years,James said. “The Cavaliers must play in the right way. We may win the series and continue to advance,and we may also lose the season. This is the end of the season. But the most important thing is that every game must be played seriously. We all hope that we can fight better.”

Since his career,James Cheng has played in 34 games with the Green Army in the playoffs,scoring a total of 979 points against the Green Army. In the series last year,James averaged 29.6 points,6.4 rebounds,6.8 assists,2.2 steals and 1.2 blocks to help the Cavaliers defeat the Celtics. The Celtics are one of the best defensive teams in the league. They will certainly create a lot of trouble for James’ offense. As the leader of the team,James will have to take up the burden. He will use the overall performance to drive the team. He wants to maintain offensive efficiency.

It is nice to see that today players will run to a higher level

Talking about the running and playing of NBA Live Mobile Coins the Sun, Nash said: “That was very good, but at the same time, it did not bring us any championship. I think that in some ways, we certainly have a profound influence on the alliance. It’s good to see these teams play this style now, and it’s good for players to lead them to another level.”

Now, the Warriors’head coach Steve Cole has used a system similar to the Suns in the Sun Runtime era to transfer the ball, three-pointers, and space on the floor. The Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni has set up a system. The system set up for Nash in 2004-2008 was misappropriated by the Rockets. Head coach Alvin Gentry also worked as a Suns assistant during the 2004-2008 season and served as head coach during the 2008-2012 season. He also used a fast-paced ball attack system.

“I don’t think we thought we were the future at the time. We were just using our existing personnel to play the game that was most likely to succeed,” Nash said. “There’s only one thin point guard and no traditional center. It’s not suitable for us to go through the halfway slowly and compete with our opponent.”

Referring to D’Antoni’s run-and-throw system, Nash said: “That’s Mike’s intelligence. He can adapt and adjust the situation and inspire the best player himself.”

After becoming the general manager of the Suns in 2007, Cole traded Sean Marion, one of D’Antoni’s most valuable players, to the Heat in exchange for Shaquille O’Neal, who had already passed the top. At the time, Cole and D’Antoni disagreed about the direction of the Suns. According to reports, Cole told D’Antoni that he needed to do more to improve the team’s defense. After the Suns lost to the Spurs for the third time in four years in the playoffs, D’Antoni resigned and accepted the Knicks head coach position.

Rockets defeat in the 2nd playoffs

In the 2017-18 season, the NBA playoffs  NBA Live Mobile Coins continued. The Rockets and Warriors eliminated each opponent with a score of 4-1 and played in the Western Conference finals.

Although the Warriors and the Rockets have a long history in the two teams, it has only recently become more and more intense as the two teams have risen in their respective divisions. Enemy old enemy.

In terms of historical records, from 1968 to the present, the Rockets and Warriors played 223 times in total (including the regular season and the playoffs), and the Rockets had the advantage of 123 wins and 100 losses.

However, since Harden became the core of the Rockets in 2012, the situation was completely different. The two sides (regular season + playoffs) had a total of 31 encounters, and the Warriors were 21 wins and 10 losses. The advantage is obvious. In the regular season, the Rockets swept the Warriors twice in 2014-15 and 2015-16. In the playoffs, the Rockets lost 1-4 in the 2014-15 Western Conference and the first round of the 2015-16 season, losing no temper.

In the Western Conference finals in 2015, it was a pity that the Rockets lost their first two games. In the first game, they only lost to the Warriors by 106-110. In the second match, Hughes even saw the hope of winning. It only lost 98-99. However, after the G3, Hughes suffered a big defeat and 80-115 lost the ball without any resistance.

If it weren’t for G4, and Curry was accidentally injured and left the court, the Rockets would probably be swept by the Western Conference. When he came to the G5, the Rockets completely lost the suspense of winning as the Warriors fired up. In the end, the Rockets lost 1-4 and ended the first showdown between the two sides in the history of the playoffs.

One year later, the Rockets broke into a guilty affair until the last day of the regular season before they took the final line of the playoffs. This time, they faced the Warriors who had 73 wins in the regular season and even more amazing fighting power. In the first two away games, the Rockets lost no suspense.

G3, relying on Harden’s jump shot to kill, the Rockets reluctantly pull back a city. In the next two games, the Rockets were completely beaten in front of the Warriors’ mad attack. In those two seasons, the Warriors could be said to be the rocket’s absolute nemesis.

However, with D’Antoni becoming the Rockets coach in 2016, the situation has changed. Last season, the Rockets won the Warriors in a away game and ended the two-year sweep of the opponent’s regular season.

Van Fleet Today is a new day

In yesterday’s Eastern Conference semifinals, the Raptors lost to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT the Cavaliers 93-128 and were wiped out. Today, the reporter interviewed Raptors player Fred-Van Fleet, who will become a restricted free agent this summer.

Speaking of today’s feelings, Van Fleet said: “Compared to yesterday, I feel good now, I am very healthy, I am very energetic, I must cherish all this. It’s very difficult to get out of yesterday’s defeat because you Never want to end your season in a sweeping manner. The defeat in this series is like a hard nut to swallow. But today will be a new day, so look up.”

Previously, Van Fleet suffered a right shoulder injury and missed several playoff games with the Wizards. Speaking of his current situation on the right shoulder, Van Fleet said: “Now I can honestly say that the injury on my right shoulder has really affected my play. In the past few weeks I’ve been deceiving myself that I’ve recovered. Because I originally planned to keep playing until June… In this offseason, I have to do a lot of restorative training to get everything back on track. I need some time to get back, even to relearn my shooting posture. It’s only now that I feel like I’m shooting back. I’m going to work hard to get back to where I was before I was hurt.”

“I might go to see an expert this weekend to make sure that I haven’t suffered repeated injuries in the past two weeks. This is what wise people should do. This is also a consideration for my next offseason. So this weekend I Will rush to New York to visit a doctor, although I do not want any bad news, but this is what I must do.” Van Fleet added.

When talking about him becoming a restricted free agent, Van Fleet said: “This is a brand new experience for me. Obviously, as a sophomore, this is my first time in this league. Become a free agent.Although my free agent status has some limitations, I will still treat it with my attitude towards everything – control what I can control. My performance on the field is there, I’ve done what I think is the right thing, and everything else is a matter of course…but victory is first.As I said, I’m a restricted free agent, so I can’t completely go free Choose the team I want to go to.”

In the regular season of the season, Van Fleet averaged 8.0 points, 2.4 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 0.89 steals in 20.0 minutes. He averaged 6.8 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in 19.0 minutes per game in the playoffs.

The Raptors lost to the Cavaliers in 93-128

In today’s game, the Raptors lost to NBA 2K18 MT the Cavaliers in 93-128 and were swept by a big score of 0-4.

After the game, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan attended the press conference.

Lori said: “This loss has made us very depressed.”

The reporter asked Lori: “Do you expect to be able to play better? Obviously nobody will predict that you lose the game in this way.”

Lori replied: “We lost, so anyway, this is very frustrating.”

In this game, Lori played 29 minutes and got 5 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists.

The next season will be even better than we expected

The Bucks had 7 games against the Celtics in the first round of the season’s playoffs, but eventually ended the game with 3-4 regret. Recently, a number of players and general manager of NBA Live Mobile Coins the Bucks were interviewed by reporters and talked about the summary of the season and the outlook for the next season.

“I have more expectations for this team. I have more expectations for myself and for everyone,” said Bucks guard Malcolm Brogden. “I think we are not as good as we expected.” We should have gone further in the playoffs, but the results of the match have shown everything.”

When talking about the problems with the team this season, veteran Jason Terry said: “Insufficient stability is our biggest problem. We must be able to win the game with stability, especially to defend the home. I We think we lost too much home games this year.”

The general manager of the Bucks, Jon Horst, said at the conclusion of the season: “The feeling of losing in the 7 games is terrible because we thought we could win the series and we are playing in the east. In the semi-finals, but when you look back, we won 44 regular-season games, which is a great improvement compared to last year.”

“We are a team with young stars (Yannis Adetokou Kunbo) and other excellent young players. Although we have suffered some injuries, there are some changes in the position of the coach, but overall we I did a good job and made some progress,” Horst said.

Speaking about the outlook for next season, Horst said: “We have a bright future. The previous Bucks were a team that could enter the playoffs every two years, but we have never had a good game. What will happen next?’ What do we think of next? We will have incredible state-of-the-art venues and training facilities, new coaches, young management and a young superstar. .”

“This is our city. This is our brand. Losing the result in Game 7 in Boston will not hide this information,” Horst said. “For me, I feel that the next season will be better than me. It is better to expect.”

Scored 47 points in the game that locked in the playoffs

Defeat the Trail Blazers 131-123 at home Cheap NBA 2K18 MT today. The total score 4-0 sweeps the opponent to the next round. Inside Anthony Davis scored 47 points and 11 rebounds in the game.

According to statistics from ESPN Stats & Info, Davis scored 47 points in the qualifying game for the playoffs, the highest score after the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, and the second post-Kobe game in the playoffs. Lock down 45+10 players in the qualifying game. Bryant scored 48 points and 16 rebounds in the second round of the 2000-01 playoffs and the Kings series to help the team sweep away.

Davis played 38 minutes in the game and made 15 of 24 shots. He scored 47 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 blocks.

Simmons got 60 in the first three playoff games

According to the basketball reference data of NBA Live Mobile Coins the famous basketball data query website, the 76-player Ben Simmons had 60 points, 30 rebounds and 29 assists in the first three playoff games. He was the first player in the first three career playoff games after Magic Johnson. At least 50 points, 25 rebounds and 25 assists.

Magic Johnson had 50 points, 25 rebounds and 27 assists in his first three playoff games.

Simmons averaged 37.7 minutes per game this season, getting 20.0 points, 10.0 rebounds and 9.7 assists.

This is not my favourite acclimation of Rocket League

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That said, if you’re just analytic to play a amiable adventuresome of Rocket League on the attainable busline system, or if this is the alone acclimation you could buy, I would still exhausted you play it. I would artlessly exhausted that you play added versions age-old if acclimatized the chance.

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