Bill Line Guardian Alexander commented on the issue of security

This year’s offseason,quarterback Kirk Cousins signed the NFL’s first full-assurance contract with Redskin,but the contract period was only three years ($84 million).This may also lead to¬†Madden NFL 19 Coins new trends,making the short-term full guarantee contract the mainstream of the future alliance.

Bill Lineback Lorenzo Alexander recently expressed his attitude on the radio show,agreeing with the lightning offensive striker Russell Okung: NFLPA (players association) does not need to Increase the priority of the full protection contract when discussing the new collective bargaining agreement (the existing collective bargaining agreement will expire at the end of the 2020 season).

Alexander said: “We are all making as much money as possible.But when negotiating with the other side,the two things they want will be very different.As a player,when signing a contract,I naturally hope to get some protection,so I feel a little better,know How much money you can earn in the next two or three years.This is worthwhile even if the contract period becomes shorter.”

Alexander is currently in the second year of a two-year contract,with a contract of $5.95 million,of which $3.4 million.

Alexander also used Cousins’s contract to give an example: “Compared with the six-year contract of 150 million,the two are really difficult to choose.I know that this money is terrible.In the sports world,the guarantee contract will encourage Players,becoming the goal of their efforts,this is the key.The MLB and NBA superstar contracts are an effort goal,and there is no clause in the collective bargaining agreement on the protection contract,which is something NFL people need to worry about.”

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