The second place will miss the remaining Xia Lian

According to Yahoo news,King’s second-place show Marvin Bagley III will be off for 1-2 weeks and miss the remaining summer league because of pelvic contusion.

In the game against the Suns during the weekend of  NBA Live 19 Coins  the Kings,Bagley ushered in a positive confrontation with Ayton,and finally Ayton led the team to win.Bagley scored 15 points and 7 rebounds,but he was injured in the game.Subsequently,the King arranged an MRI check for Bagley,and he also missed the Kings game against the Clippers.

Earlier today,Bagley’s injury was diagnosed as a pelvic contusion.Although the bruises are not serious,the Kings still dare not care.Bagley has determined that he will miss the remaining summer leagues and will return to health within two weeks.

In this year’s draft,the Kings picked up Marvin Bagley III with the second place.The talent from the famous Duke University is different.In the first year of jumping into college,he scored 21 points and 11.1 rebounds per game.Together with Ayton,he is considered to be the best two big men this year.

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