Steelers and kicker Boswell renewed for five years

On Thursday,US Steel officially announced the renewal of Madden NFL 19 Coins five years with kicker Chris Boswell.According to Nan Network reporter Ian Rapoport,the total contract value is close to $20 million,which is a relatively high salary for the kicker contract.

Boswell’s original contract value was $2.97 million,which was a limited freelance bidding contract.The 27-year-old has taken on the role of the Steelers since the 2015 season.In the past three years,the free kick percentage was 89.5%,and the additional shot completion rate was 97.1%.A total of 8 shots of more than 50 yards in his career,6 of which were completed.

In 2017,Boswell was selected for the first time in the professional bowl.The season’s free kick percentage was 92.1%,which was a career high.The longest hit was 53 yards.He finished four free kicks last season,three of which were in the NFL single-season record after three races.

The free kick of the Steelers home Heinz Stadium is notoriously difficult to play,and Boswell’s performance is even more valuable.

In addition,the team also signed a contract with lineback Vince Williams for four years,with a total contract value of LOLGA more than $20 million.Williams is 28 years old and became a full-time starter for the first time last season.He completed 89 cuddles and scored 8 sacks.His inside punching ability and defensive ability will help the Steelers’ game.

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