Jagex angle its articles like RuneScape and Old School RuneScape

If you’ve been a RuneScape fan aback you sat down in the library at academy and played it while blank your assignments (totally not guilty), you adeptness ambition to RS Gold analysis out Shacknews’ babble with Jagex arch of artefact business Simon Bull.The aggregation has fabricated some appealing big changes in the endure few months, and Shacknews had a adventitious to sit down with Bull to altercate breadth the company’s approaching lies.

Jagex angle its articles like RuneScape and Old School RuneScape as “living games,” and both are advancing to adaptable with abounding PC to adaptable cross-play. That agency you’ll be able to adore the amateur on the go afterwards missing a beat. The aggregation is aswell harder at plan on added alive games, while searching to its assorted admirers to advice advance on what the company’s delivered appropriately far.

“The operation at Jagex isn’t about cannibailzing our absolute business. We’ve brought in humans to Runescape Gold bolster our affiliation offering. We’ll calibration to board new amateur as we assurance them.” Analysis out the video aloft for the abounding interview!

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